24 July 2010

Artist Spotlight: Claude Fauchère

Perusing some local shops in Bethesda, I came across a lovely woman named Maria who was carting around a painting she had previously purchased.  I am still not sure why she was carrying it from store to store, but I am sure glad she was because it was magnificent.  I saw it first thing as I walked in the door and immediately asked her who it was and where it had been purchased.  She explained that she had bought it years ago from a local gallery that had since closed, but she would be happy to send me some information via email.  I was refreshed by her kindness as it wasn't the trend that day and gladly handed over my contact information.  She emailed me saying that the artist was Claude Fauchère and the name of the painting was "Couleurs de France" ... Drum roll please... (Click to enlarge)

It is brilliant.  Simply brilliant.  As I uncover more work by Claude Fauchère,  my amazement grows.  It is honestly like nothing I've ever seen before and I think I will die if I don't own a Fauchère of my own to ogle every morning and evening.  Sigh.  Here are some of my other favorites.  (Images courtesy of J.Todd Galleries - check out the site to see more)

Thank you, Miss Maria for your kindness and for opening my eyes to such a talent.  And thank you, Claude, for your vision.  It is truly magnificent.

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