20 April 2012

Digging: Bahamian Style

On Monday morning at 9:00 AM sharp, we will board a nonstop flight to Nassau, Bahamas.  It's a trip that has been planned for a while and I'm not gonna lie, I'm nervous.  Real nervous.  If you know me you can vouch that there isn't much that doesn't make me nervous: clowns, thunderstorms, cruise ships, Marc Anthony.  You name it.  There was a time when I was young, single, and childless when I would board a plan to Madrid with nothing but a backpack and a passport and just see where life took me, but times have changed.  Oh yes.  Times have changed.  For this adventure, we will be travelling with our 18-month-old daughter, oh, AND, I'm seven months pregnant.  Yeah, so that's happening.  At this point, the skin of my belly is working so hard that I fear the pressure of soaring 30,000 feet in the air may just make it explode once and for all.  My husband keeps reminding me "It's not like we're going to Mexico" because I am so worried about one of us getting food poisoning from the food or water that I have stocked up on snacks and powdered beverages which will be packed in our suitcase.  And what if our hotel room is above the 1st floor?  God forbid it be on the 21st because the combination of our active toddler and a 21st floor balcony just may put me over the edge.  No pun intended.  I had better stop there.  My family might get concerned if I go on any further.  So, in an attempt to stay positive and keep my focus on how wonderful and beautiful this trip will be, I have decided to show you pictures of inspiring Bahamian architecture and decor.  The first set of photos is from the home of two Quadrille fabric execs.  Located in Lyford Cay, Bahamas, it is decked out in several of my Quadrille faves.  

The next set of photos are so inspiring and I can't wait to see this colorful architecture in person.  I only wish that we were this courageous with our exterior paint colors in my part of the world!

Godspeed, my friends.  Wish me luck.

18 April 2012

Rediscovering Estee Stanley

I love when I am able to put a face, name and story to a room I've "known" for years.  This morning I rediscovered Estee Stanley, a Hollywood fashion stylist turned renowned interior designer.  Her work was featured in many a domino Magazine (most notably for me, she assisted in designing Amanda Peet's California home) and I love how genuine and ever changing her aesthetic is.  I try to be a chameleon for my clients because, after all, it's their house, not mine, but I often think about the difference between having a signature "look", for which client's seek you out specifically, versus taking on your client's preference and steering them in the direction of impeccable design choices within their own preferences.  I prefer the latter, but often question my decision, so it was inspiring to read Estee Stanley's bio in which her chameleon-like tendencies are described, 

"Estee's work is far from cookie cutter; in fact, she is proud that there is no signature style to her interiors.  She believes that as each client is different, their interiors should be different- each home as a reflection of its owner, not of Estee..."

16 April 2012

Spoonflower Round Up

I have known about Spoonflower.com for months, but it wasn't until I saw some beautiful Spoonflower born fabric created by local interior designer, Gretchen Opgenorth, that I became a believer.  The Spoonflower concept is brilliant and I had perused the various fabrics on Spoonflower a few times before, but always worried about the quality of the fabric and printing.  Then I saw Gretchen's beautiful creations and I was sold!  The weight of the fabric was lovely and the printing quality was fantastic, making Spoonflower my new go to place for original textiles at affordable prices.  Here is a round up of some of my faves...

12 April 2012

Obsessed: Judi Roaman

I hopped over to One King's Lane today to check things out and spotted this loveseat by the fabulous Judi Roaman... 

I .LOVE. it and had never heard of Miss Roaman, so, obviously, I Googled her. 
How am I just finding out about this gem? 
I'm working on finding out her "story" but clearly I was meant to find her.  Lately, the decorating quote at the front of my mind has been, "God is in the details." 
I could not agree more and I've been trying to focus my attention on those aspects of a room. 
I am a big picture person.  I THINK BIG.  So for me to zoom in is a struggle, but don't fret.  I'm a fast learner and once I set my mind on something, well, just consider it done. 
Anyway, here is a quote from her blog:

“It all comes down to the accessories...
It’s not the first thousand dollars that make the room,
it’s the last hundred!!”

It's so true.  Now for the picture proof of just how fab one Miss Judi Roaman is...

All photos via jroaman.com

10 April 2012

My Second Wedding

No! I did not get remarried!  Don't be silly.  However, I did have the fabulous opportunity of being part of another couple's special day and I am hooked- I hope I have a third, fourth and fifth wedding because it was so fun and inspiring!!  I know I mentioned this last month, but it has taken me WEEKS to get my shenanigans together to blog this beautiful day. 

It all started when Summer Adams (the bride) contacted my friend and talented photographer Ashley Brokop.  Ashley promptly signed on to photograph Summer's special day and contacted me almost immediately to tell me about Summer and Joseph's unique plans.  Soon after, Summer and I started emailing back and forth and formulating decor for the March 2nd nuptials.  It was so much fun for me to wade in the wedding pool for those weeks, discovering all sorts of inspiring things and people.  Summer was kind enough to take a chance on a little known and up and coming (wink) wedding stylist (me!) and I am so grateful that she let me be a part of such a special day. 

So, on March 2nd, I packed my car full of beautiful props I had carefully chosen and created and headed to Dillon, SC.  Summer and Joseph eloped at Paiges Millpond on that beautiful March afternoon in such a picturesque setting. 

A special thanks to Summer and Joseph and, of course, Ashley Brokop.

All styling by yours truly with the stunning photographs by Ashley Brokop.

I created Summer's bouquet from dried cotton bulbs, dried lavender and dried yarrow.  She purchased her veil from Mignonne Handmade.   Joseph and Easton's boutonnieres are from The Sunflower Stand.  The chalkboard sign I created for Summer was made from a piece of wood purchased at Home Depot, painted with chalkboard paint.  I drew the font and accoutrements by hand with chalk.  Suitcase and lanterns are vintage and sheepskin from IKEA.  Bowl holding rings from Anthropologie.  (If I forgot to mention anything, please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP regarding resources) 

09 April 2012

From the Desk of... EmmaKisstina

A few months ago, while flipping though one of my favorite online magazines, I stumbled upon a lovely illustration by Emma Kristina Hultkrantz (web alter ego: EmmaKisstina).  Her illustrations are so fun and glamorous, full of fabulously chic and girly stuff!  I immediately contacted her and asked if she might be interested in helping me design a new site home page/logo.  I thought her fun and funky style was a perfect fit for my business and she couldn't have been more of a dear.  I am loving the results and wanted to share them with you.  Check them out in action here.

For more about EmmaKisstina, check out her blog OR to buy one (or a few!!) of her lovely illustrations, visit her Etsy shop.