20 April 2012

Digging: Bahamian Style

On Monday morning at 9:00 AM sharp, we will board a nonstop flight to Nassau, Bahamas.  It's a trip that has been planned for a while and I'm not gonna lie, I'm nervous.  Real nervous.  If you know me you can vouch that there isn't much that doesn't make me nervous: clowns, thunderstorms, cruise ships, Marc Anthony.  You name it.  There was a time when I was young, single, and childless when I would board a plan to Madrid with nothing but a backpack and a passport and just see where life took me, but times have changed.  Oh yes.  Times have changed.  For this adventure, we will be travelling with our 18-month-old daughter, oh, AND, I'm seven months pregnant.  Yeah, so that's happening.  At this point, the skin of my belly is working so hard that I fear the pressure of soaring 30,000 feet in the air may just make it explode once and for all.  My husband keeps reminding me "It's not like we're going to Mexico" because I am so worried about one of us getting food poisoning from the food or water that I have stocked up on snacks and powdered beverages which will be packed in our suitcase.  And what if our hotel room is above the 1st floor?  God forbid it be on the 21st because the combination of our active toddler and a 21st floor balcony just may put me over the edge.  No pun intended.  I had better stop there.  My family might get concerned if I go on any further.  So, in an attempt to stay positive and keep my focus on how wonderful and beautiful this trip will be, I have decided to show you pictures of inspiring Bahamian architecture and decor.  The first set of photos is from the home of two Quadrille fabric execs.  Located in Lyford Cay, Bahamas, it is decked out in several of my Quadrille faves.  

The next set of photos are so inspiring and I can't wait to see this colorful architecture in person.  I only wish that we were this courageous with our exterior paint colors in my part of the world!

Godspeed, my friends.  Wish me luck.

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