12 April 2012

Obsessed: Judi Roaman

I hopped over to One King's Lane today to check things out and spotted this loveseat by the fabulous Judi Roaman... 

I .LOVE. it and had never heard of Miss Roaman, so, obviously, I Googled her. 
How am I just finding out about this gem? 
I'm working on finding out her "story" but clearly I was meant to find her.  Lately, the decorating quote at the front of my mind has been, "God is in the details." 
I could not agree more and I've been trying to focus my attention on those aspects of a room. 
I am a big picture person.  I THINK BIG.  So for me to zoom in is a struggle, but don't fret.  I'm a fast learner and once I set my mind on something, well, just consider it done. 
Anyway, here is a quote from her blog:

“It all comes down to the accessories...
It’s not the first thousand dollars that make the room,
it’s the last hundred!!”

It's so true.  Now for the picture proof of just how fab one Miss Judi Roaman is...

All photos via jroaman.com

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