18 April 2012

Rediscovering Estee Stanley

I love when I am able to put a face, name and story to a room I've "known" for years.  This morning I rediscovered Estee Stanley, a Hollywood fashion stylist turned renowned interior designer.  Her work was featured in many a domino Magazine (most notably for me, she assisted in designing Amanda Peet's California home) and I love how genuine and ever changing her aesthetic is.  I try to be a chameleon for my clients because, after all, it's their house, not mine, but I often think about the difference between having a signature "look", for which client's seek you out specifically, versus taking on your client's preference and steering them in the direction of impeccable design choices within their own preferences.  I prefer the latter, but often question my decision, so it was inspiring to read Estee Stanley's bio in which her chameleon-like tendencies are described, 

"Estee's work is far from cookie cutter; in fact, she is proud that there is no signature style to her interiors.  She believes that as each client is different, their interiors should be different- each home as a reflection of its owner, not of Estee..."


  1. I love waking up to an "Avarice" in my inbox. Your posts always make me smile-- you make design- delightful! Please keep up the great work.

    1. Kim- why thank you! And thank you for being a loyal follower. I would love to catch up soon over a chocolate croissant. Or a bottle of finest olive oil !! Hope you are well.