21 December 2010


20 December 2010

Love: Rustic Chic

If there is any style that captures the way I want to live every day, it is that rustic/industrial chic that I have been seeing all over the place.  There is something so alluring about the juxtaposition of rugged industrial elements and refined modern pieces and I'm simply smitten with the aesthetic created.  It is my latest obsession and I do hope it sticks around for a while.

Image courtesy DesignSponge

             Image courtesy Marie Clare magazine

Image courtesy DesignSponge

Image courtesy DesignSponge

Source unknown

Image courtesy Lonny Magazine

Image courtesy Lonny Magazine

Image courtesy DesignSponge

Image courtesy DesignSponge

Image courtesy DesignSponge

                                 Source unknown

16 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This year we contemplated having no Christmas tree.  Yes, it's true.  Gasp if you must.  I'm ashamed to say it, but with the baby and everything else going on, we thought it would just be less hassle if we skipped the tree this year.  Lilly won't remember and it would spare us both time and energy, which are scarce commodities right now.  Then, I got to thinking... If we omitted the tree this year, what else might get the axe?  Valentine's cards?  Pumpkin carving?  The Thanksgiving turkey?!  So, I put my foot down and I sent the Grinch a packin'.  Tradition is important, even if it is a "hassle," and to be honest, I enjoy putting up the tree.  During the four hours I painstakingly wrap each branch in lights, cutting my hands with every move, I think of all the wonderful Christmas memories I have.  I think of my grandma and how she would hide all the presents and then forget where she put them.  I think of my mom's yearly battle with the fuses in the strands of lights and the endless quest to find the one light that went out and caused the entire catastrophe.  I think of Clark Griswold in all his glory and I think of my dad's persistence about not decorating the back of the tree because, after all,  "No one will see it anyway."  I think of the time I went to the Christmas tree farm with my beloved Aunt Laurie and how, while attaching the tree to the top of her '89 Acura Integra, we were tied in and didn't discover it until we got home and tried to open the doors.  So many cherished memories made possible by one tall, evergreen fire hazard set aglow and lovingly decorated in a cramped corner of the living room.  And so, without further ado...

 I'd love to hear your Christmas tree memories.  Please do share.

13 December 2010

Treasure Hunting

When the Saturday Sun decides to take the weekend off, it can mean only one thing: It's time to go antique shopping!! Although I did not find what I was looking for, I found oodles of other treasures.

I have been eyeing these two tables for weeks and want to use them as nightstands, but I'm second guessing myself and can't seem to make up my damn mind! They definitely need some TLC. I must go one day and do some negotiating with the booth owner, which is not a task I look forward to at all.

I can't explain my obsession with enamel ware. It just is. I can't get enough enamel covered things, especially when they hold darling pieces of faux food.

I am always attracted to old, beautiful doors. This one is a real looker, but I don't know what in the world I would do with it.

Mmm.. Black iron bed. Dreamy. I love these beds and although it is so beautiful and I could love it exactly how it is, I fantasize about spray painting it green or mustard or bright red.

Hey girl! These little lovelies always catch my eye.

This would make the most handsome umbrella stand and goes perfectly with our entryway decor. I'll put in on the negotate list.

I thought this rocking chair was purdy as a picture. With a different fabric on the seat it would be darling.

What a fascinating specimen.

Mmmm... I love the smell of old books. Musky.

If I would have seen this crib six months ago, it would have been a game changer, though I doubt it meets current safety regulations..hmm..

I love these chairs- they're modern, but earthy.  I could picture them perfectly adjacent to that large tufted sofa I want from Restoration Hardware...

I thought this little fella was super sassy.  I like to imagine that he dresses up in old Barbie clothes and reorganizes the miniature furniture once the owner closes up shop every night.

I'd like to put one of these lovely ladies over my mantle just so all who enter know I don't take myself too serious, unfortunately, I'm the only member of the household to find that idea quirky and charming.  Hmph.

I wish these drafting stools weren't so uncomfy because they go perfectly with that rustic, industrial chic look that I so desperately desire.

I am lusting after this spice rack big time.

Over-priced scaffolding of sorts that inspires me.  Isn't treasure hunting fun?