28 March 2012

How To: (Re)Cover A Lampshade

This How-To is so easy that I am embarrassed to even post it, but the results are fantastic and if you're looking for instant gratification, this is the project for you.  Start to finish it took me about 20 minutes and required less than a yard of fabric, scissors, spray adhesive and a hot glue gun. 

Please note that unless your lamp shade has absolutely no taper, the pattern will not show up perfectly straight and centered.  Because of this, I do not recommend using a stripe or any strongly repeated vertical pattern.  I chose a "no-no" fabric that I knew would not end up straight, but I liked it so much that I didn't care!  However, if my lampshade bothers you, I recommend using a very large scale print, most florals or, better yet, a solid for this project.


Step 1:  Lay the fabric out and iron it flat.

Step 2:  Lay the lampshade on it's side on top of the fabric, lining the original seam up with the edge of the new fabric.  On the fabric, mark about an inch from each end of the lampshade.

Step 3:  Roll the lamp shade across the fabric, continuing to mark on each side as you go. 

Step 4:  Cut along the lines you have marked.

Step 5:  Spray the fabric with spray adhesive a portion at a time.  Line the lamp up and lay it down on top of the fabric and begin to roll.  Spray more.  Roll more.  The spray adhesive is very forgiving so you can go back and adjust and work out kinks if there are any.  (It's best to put an old sheet down for this step to avoid getting spray adhesive everywhere) 

Step 6:  Flatten out all lumps and cut off any excess at the end, leaving enough to fold over for a clean edge.  Fold end over and glue down with a hot glue gun.  I like to carefully iron this edge before using the hot glue gun for a clean crisp edge.  If your shade is tapered, chances are, the pattern won't match up.  This part will go at the back of the lamp OR you can cover the seam with decorative ribbon or the like to lessen the unmatching pattern.


21 March 2012

One Room, Three Ways

The Home Beautification Act is in full swing. (I feel like I say that all the time?) But, really, I think we are in a constant state of home beautification. I wish I could live inside someone else's mind for the day because all I see is rooms and furniture, fabrics, and lamps like a slide show. Is this crazy talk? It's late. Pfff. My poor hubs. Anyway. We spend ALL of our time in this room we call the den. It is right next to the kitchen and it has really good light and two ceiling fans (ugly but crucial) and we just gravitate to this area. Here is how it has to work for us: breakfast table/casual dining space, living room, office. We have tried to think of ways to give this room a break and make it work less hard, but we just like being in here, so deal with it. The only permanents are the wall color (Benjamin Moore's Spring Mint) and our Saarinen knockoff table from IKEA. Other than that, everything will be garage saled or trashed. This should make things simple, but, it's me, so... clearly, it's very complicated. Here is what we require: a desk with seating, dining table seating, an armchair, a rug, a side table or two, pillows and accessories.
And without anymore talky, here are my three possible schemes. Please leave a comment if I forget to source something.

This was my initial scheme and I think it shows a certain amount of restraint and consideration for the male inhabitant(s) of the household.  The floral fabric is for the sofa, which is from Layla Grayce.  The garden stools are from Wisteria, table from IKEA, Chiviari chairs from eBay, rug is DwellStudio, acrylic desk is from cb2.com, pouf can be found at various locations, chair is also from Layla Grayce and the pillows are from Horchow, Wisteria and Oomph Online.  This room is certainly lovely and I really liked it at the beginning... then.  I started thinking.  I could live in this room everyday and be happy, but it wouldn't excite and exhilarate me.  I'm tired of restrained decorating!!  So I returned to the drawing board...

For this scheme, I studied one of my all time favorite designers: Anna Spiro.  I love how she combines preppy prints and forms with glam antiques and beachy accents to create a look that is just so happy!  Her work never fails to inspire me and I let it inspire this room.  I am very pleased with the results, unfortuntely, the budget went a little wild for this one.  The painting shown above the sofa is by yours truly, the sofa is the same as above from LaylaGrayce, and the pillows are from Oomph Online of Quadrille fabric.  The gingham swatch is for the sofa and came from WarehouseFabricsInc.com, but it's not upholstery weight so unlikely the fabric I would actually use.  The rattan side table is from CottageandBungalow.com, along with the green dining chairs.  The Otomi swatch is from the Mexican Textiles store on eBay.  The pink striped rug is Dash & Albert and is from LaylaGrayce along with the armchair.  The console table is from Oomph Online.  The pink lamp is by Robert Abbey and can be found at several sources by googling it.  (I just ordered two of them for the bedroom and I'm SO excited to receive them!!!)  I love this room and it would make me happy to look at, but, of course, my musings didn't/couldn't stop there.  I craved more expression and decorating freedom.  I wanted loud and proud with an edge...

The third and final option involves using an antique sofa that I recently purchased and had recovered in Brentwood Nepal fabric.  I am nuts about this sofa and it is currently sitting in our entry.  I would love to use it more, but don't want it to take a beating.  She's old and just too beautiful to be sat on everyday all the time.  I don't generally believe in buying furniture you can't use, so I reluctantly decided to work this piece into a scheme.  And I have to be honest.  It might be my favorite of all.  eek.  The yellow side table is from CottageandBungalow.com, isn't it precious?  The pillows, urn, lamps, rug and armchair are all from Furbish (ShopFurbish.com) whose owner Jamie Meares is a huge inspiration for me.  The Parsons desk is from westelm, the acrylic chair is by Kartell and the floor lamp is IKEA.

And now the decision making process... Which one do you like??

16 March 2012

Birthday Bouquet

It's not my birthday today, but soon, and in honor of this special day, nearly 26 years ago, I arranged myself a birthday bouquet with clippings from around my yard.  It's a bit all over the place, but let's face it, so am I.  It's kind of over the top, but that's who I am.  I probably could've taken a more Coco Chanel approach and removed one or two blossoms before calling it done, but to be honest, that's just not how I roll.  So in the spirit of embracing all that I am (and am not), here is my birthday bouquet...

14 March 2012

instagramtastic, lately

My life of late as described by my instagram photos...

12 March 2012

Spring Blooms

It seems that spring might finally be here to stay.  At least for some of us.  In South Carolina, the camellia, forsythia, and Japanese magnolia are in full bloom and I'm so enjoying this colorful signal of Spring.  In celebration of the changing seasons, here is a roundup of my favorite items that make me think of spring blooms.

08 March 2012

A Finished Project?

No, you say, a finished space?  From The Avarice?  Not a chance!  Her borderline Attention Deficit and meandering ways would prevent it from ever being so.  Well pooh!pooh!  I say to you.  I have a finished project to present today.  But, in your defense, the curtains aren't hemmed so, we'll call this one a tie.
This project comes from one of my most favorite clients and by far my most favorite mother. (You're welcome.)  Before I reveal, let's look at the before...

As you can see, this particular client had beautiful furniture to begin with and really fabulous taste, she just needed some help pulling it all together and adding details to get the finished look she desired.  I have no doubt in my mind, that my client could have pulled her room together on her own, with different, but still beautiful results.  Fortunately for me, she allowed me to take the wheel and steer her in the direction of my vision for her space.  As with most successful projects, it was a beautiful collaboration with lovely results...

All photos courtesy of Ashley Brokop Photography.  Thanks Ashley!


07 March 2012

New Traditional

I am always seeking out new and different designers and aesthetics.  My mind is like a repository of rooms, constantly collecting and filing favorite spaces and the faces that go with them.  I treat interior design like I treat fine art: I want to see as much as possible and remember everything I can. 
A style I call New Traditional is of particular interest lately and right now there are few designers who do it better than Tobi Fairley.

05 March 2012

Happy Monday

Have a beautiful week.

03 March 2012


Not only am I still putzing around in the world of weddings, I am even more fascinated than before!  Yesterday, I styled my first wedding/elopement and it was such a blast.  I was lucky to have an awesome, laid back couple and a fabulous teacher, making the whole experience really wonderful.  I don't want to give away too much, but part of the photo shoot took place at the world famous South of the Border in Dillon, SC.  It's such a fun and devastatingly tacky place complete with a sombrero shaped tower and rainbow colored animal statues.  Basically, it was more than I could have ever asked for.  A dream come true really and it left me feeling inspired!  
Although there were no tables to decorate yesterday, it didn't stop me from day dreaming about possible schemes the whole ride home.  After some careful contemplation, this is what I imagine the dinner table decor might have looked like... I call it Mexi-kitsch.

        Papel picado photograph copyright Emiliano Rodriguez.  Floral arrangement design and photo by Chelsea Fuss via Project Wedding.

All glass and serveware from Fishs Eddy.  Wedding stationary from Thoughtful Day.  Pink and white carnival striped fabric (used for custom napkins) from deckchairstripes.com.  Hand embroidered Otomi tablecloth via Mexican Textiles Museum Store on eBay.  Papel picado flags via Casa Bonampak.  Vintage bentwood chairs.

01 March 2012

Hello There, ElloThere

For reasons I will not yet reveal, I have been immersed in the wedding world of late.  It's a beautiful, whimsical place full of love and flowers and I rather like it there.  One thing I have enjoyed during my stay is all the beautiful paper art, including that of Seattle duo Maddy and Seth of ElloThere.  Their creations are true originals and frankly, I like them a lot.

See these and other items at their Etsy shop.