03 March 2012


Not only am I still putzing around in the world of weddings, I am even more fascinated than before!  Yesterday, I styled my first wedding/elopement and it was such a blast.  I was lucky to have an awesome, laid back couple and a fabulous teacher, making the whole experience really wonderful.  I don't want to give away too much, but part of the photo shoot took place at the world famous South of the Border in Dillon, SC.  It's such a fun and devastatingly tacky place complete with a sombrero shaped tower and rainbow colored animal statues.  Basically, it was more than I could have ever asked for.  A dream come true really and it left me feeling inspired!  
Although there were no tables to decorate yesterday, it didn't stop me from day dreaming about possible schemes the whole ride home.  After some careful contemplation, this is what I imagine the dinner table decor might have looked like... I call it Mexi-kitsch.

        Papel picado photograph copyright Emiliano Rodriguez.  Floral arrangement design and photo by Chelsea Fuss via Project Wedding.

All glass and serveware from Fishs Eddy.  Wedding stationary from Thoughtful Day.  Pink and white carnival striped fabric (used for custom napkins) from deckchairstripes.com.  Hand embroidered Otomi tablecloth via Mexican Textiles Museum Store on eBay.  Papel picado flags via Casa Bonampak.  Vintage bentwood chairs.

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  1. Mexican palettes are so fun! So bright and cheerful. Love the orange, baby blue, pink/coral mix. Congrats on baby B Whitney! We've met several moons ago as IAU students; so fun to follow blogs of people that I actually know! All the best with your designing endeavors!