31 October 2011

B&A: Nightstands

12 October 2011


Lately, in my research and wanderings, I have been taking note of things I (currently) adore.  As usual, I've found inspiration EVERYWHERE, but this is the highlight reel...

Beautifully Designed Appliances
I've made a lot of trips to local home improvement stores in recent months.  I am now able to navigate these mega structures like a pro, but walking through the appliance department always leaves me wanting more.  Enter two companies making fabulous kitchen appliances: AGA and Smeg.  Here are the two pieces I am lusting after now:

AGA Legacy Stove in Vintage White

SMEG Refrigerator in Red

Valentino Aphrodite Bow Bag 
It needs no explanation.

Tassels.  Plain and fancy. 
I'm into tassels right now.  I picked up a black one at Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Charlotte last week and put it on my white IKEA Vinstra dresser.  Tassels kick things up a notch. 

Ted Baker 'Charry' Bow Acrylic Bangles 
I spotted these at Nordstrom last week and thought they were adorbs.  They have that sweet yet edgy thing going and I think I need one. 
Waverly/PKL Toile Orientale in Azalea 
I have had my eyes on this fabric for a while.  I admire the contrast of the classic print on an almost slubby linen fabric in a hot modern pink.

Dolce Vita Nariko Smoking Leopard Print Haircalf Loafers 
They remind me of my grandpa and I love them.  With a pair of cropped skinny jeans and an oversized top.  They will be mine.  Oh yes, they will be mine.

Anthropologie Ikat Mini Bowl
We picked up five of these last week for my Maman's kitchen redo.  The chartreuse will be beautiful with the gray cabinets. 

02 October 2011

B&A: Stenciled Mirror

It never fails to amaze and excite me when people put treasures on the curb to be taken as trash.  I am not too proud to "dumpster dive" or rummage through other people's trash.  It's a blessing and a curse, but I see potential in [almost] anything.  On my way home from the grocery on Thursday, I spotted this little ditty at the curb.  I whipped my car around and loaded 'er up.  With only a small amount of spray paint and a bit of elbow grease, I turned trash into treasure.



I used a pressed board stencil that I found at an estate sale.  I simple cleaned the mirror with nail polish remover, laid it on a sheet, put the press board over it and sprayed away.