28 September 2012

Friday, Finally

Oh yes.  It was another one of those weeks.  I am looking forward to the full moon on Sunday so that everything can finally get back to somewhat normal.  Until then, I'd like to put everything else on hold, but that's not possible, so I am doing my best to lay low.  I was going to share a glimpse into my mind on this Friday afternoon, but I don't want to subject you to that, so instead, I'm seeking refuge in these sanctuary like spaces...






27 September 2012

Lighten Up

I have been to the far reaches of the internet looking for products and inspiration for a current project.  During my search I came across Ursula of Etsy shop EarthSeaWarrior.  I absolutely love her reimagined vintage lights.  Her color choices are phenomenal and I would love to own one of her creations for my own home.

26 September 2012

Just Dance

Sometimes, if you're lucky, and the world is spinning out of control right before your eyes, something will happen to remind you to stop taking things so damn seriously.  The actual events are far too embarassing to share, despite being side splittingly hilarious, I will keep them to myself.  But at the very same moment my epiphany was taking place, the music gods smiled and this song came on my Pandora.  Reminding me that sometimes you just have to dance.

Celebrate your day.
And take a minute to just dance.

25 September 2012

Artist Spotlight: Todd Selby

I know I have to be behind on hearing about this amazing fella.  Todd Selby is a multi-talented photographer, illustrator and author.  I spent hours checking out his view of the homes of other talented and creative people on The Selby Is In Your Place.  (Love that title)  I don't have much time today, but I wanted to share some of his amazing work.  Learn more about him here.


All photographs by Todd Selby.

24 September 2012

DIY Scalloped Fitted Tablecloth

Let me just start by saying that this was the DIY from hell, but I'm glad I went through the painful process so that I can report to you on what NOT to do.  More on that in a minute...

As I mentioned in Friday's post, I pulled out my favorite vintage tablecloth after I accidentally scratched our kitchen table top and almost sent my husband into cardiac arrest.  Well, my poor vintage tablecloth took a wicked beating and I decided maybe I'll hold off on vintage linens for another, ehh, 15 years?  By then our young will be grown and hopefully able to eat a meal without ketchup handprints or spilled blueberry juice.  In the meantime, I have a fantastic excuse to use oilcloth, which I have always love love loved.  Not only does oilcloth come in an array of fantastic vintage prints, but it is also a great stain proof surface that is easily cleaned and very inexpensive to replace, if needed.  I had originally taken photos for my steps, but they turned out to not be very effective steps and my mama and I redid the tablecloth yesterday evening after a botched job the first time around!  I have written some instructions with simple illustrations.

And voila.  

Learn from my mistakes:

Buy oilcloth with cloth backing.  I didn't realize that there was no cloth to my oil and it's basically like a sheet of plastic, which is why the light shines through it and also why I had to bobby pin the scallops overnight to get them to fall the way I wanted.  And why I wanted to jump out a window yesterday.  

Cut the scallop trim on the bias.  It will look better in the end.

Make a stencil.  Don't skip this step.  It's crucial to having even scallops.

Once you have sewn the trim to the round tabletop piece, make slits perpendicular to the seam to enable the tablecloth to lay flat.

21 September 2012

Lately via Instagram

So I've successfully put off all of my intended blog posts for this week, but I promise I'm going to have a really fun DIY project to share on Monday.  Until then, check out what I've been up to lately...

This one isn't too recent, but I just love how this refinished $10 chair looks in my sweet Lilly's room.  She thinks it's a great stepping stool to use for peering out the window!

Proof of the gorgeous weather we've been having.  Morning walks are back and I am so grateful to once again start every day with some fresh air.

A cachepot I ordered from a One King's Lane sale.  If you haven't checked out Jayes Studio, please do so.  Now.

I finally got a few of my must have books, these three are among my favorites.  Kim- if you're reading- go out and buy Good Bones, Great Pieces.  You will LOVE IT!

My kitchen, taken from my favorite spot to sit on the floor and take some deep breaths after finally getting both of my young down for a nap.

A pillow made by my beloved seamstress for a fabulous client.

My dresser top.  It's a moveable feast.

Some beautiful fabrics I've been dying to use.

My desk.  Another moveable feast.

Playing with fabrics for a client.  I love these colors!!!!

After a few scratches popped up on our table, I pulled my vintage Bermuda tablecloth out of the china cabinet.  After a few stains turned up on my vintage Bermuda tablecloth, I fabricated a DIY solution which will be blogged on Monday.

My Aubusson silk rug in action.  I like it.  I don't think the hubs is thrilled.  Win some, lose some.  Sorry hubs.

A beautiful pink sky the other night behind the towering trees in our backyard.

My humans.  And the headlock hold.

CUUTE Cynthia Rowley lamps at our new HomeGoods store.  I wanted these SO badly, but both the shades were damaged.  Bum.  Still sad about it.

Gretchen O. and I did some serious damage during our excursion to said HomeGoods this weekend.  

John Robshaw picture frames scored at aforementioned HomeGoods.  That HomeGoods is quite Good for the Home indeed.

"Life is a Journey NOT A Destination. -Souza"  I try to remember this every day.  And have it taped up where I can see it often.  On this day that the moth decided to visit I think I needed an extra reminder of it as he looks a bit like an arrow pointing in emphasis of NOT.

Some lovely pillows I snagged at SteinMart for a client.  I'll be sad to see them go.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you get a minute, follow me on Instagram @whitneymcgregor to keep abreast of all my latest harebrained schemes.  Ciao!

20 September 2012

Auction Fun

I have been going nonstop and am just now squeezing in a minute to myself.  It's been a beautiful and exciting day here and the weather is absolutely gorgeous and autumnal which is so wonderful.  Along with officially starting on a new restaurant project today (yay!), I also had to run up to the auction house to pick up some scores, which I wanted to share...

I grabbed these upholstered twin beds and was so thrilled to see that even the rails are made of solid wood.  They need some lovin', but when I'm done with them, they'll be fit for a princess.  
I've always love this room from the May '06 domino and it's in my head as I move forward with these beautiful beds:

I also love what they've done with twin beds here- and they didn't even paint the wood.  That would be tough for me, but I could think about it:

I've had my eyes on these lights for some time and I have a client in mind, but I'm not sure if I can part with them.  

I'm thinking of rewiring them with a neon cord like the one shown below from Canadian House and Home Magazine:

I just love this silk Aubusson rug.  It is a nod to my decorating roots.  And it's pink.  I needed it.

And the last score was not my own, but my main squeeze Gretchen O.'s.  I am super excited about this lot of amazing china she snagged.  It's even more gorgeous in person.

19 September 2012

Designer Spotlight: Mayme Baker

I don't usually share two designers two days in a row (not much job security pour moi!) AND I had planned to do another post yesterday that was supposed to be today, but I will have to put that off yet again because there is just too much goodness in this space...

Last time I was up in Greenville, we passed by this fabulous little shop and I forced my mama to whip the car around and go back.  It ended up being the shop/studio of Mayme Baker and inside was a treasure trove of beautiful things.  My Instagram photos from that day say it all...

I was in total awe of her talent and still am.  I am crazy about her more is more aesthetic and love her ability to seamlessly curate beautiful things and make them all speak to each other.  With our planned move to Greenville this coming year, I am so thrilled to know that there are movers and shakers like Mayme Baker in town.  So, obviously, when I found out her home was in House of Fifty this month, I just had to share. Duh.  (I tried to edit down the pictures, but there is just so much to see- I had to include them all!)