21 September 2012

Lately via Instagram

So I've successfully put off all of my intended blog posts for this week, but I promise I'm going to have a really fun DIY project to share on Monday.  Until then, check out what I've been up to lately...

This one isn't too recent, but I just love how this refinished $10 chair looks in my sweet Lilly's room.  She thinks it's a great stepping stool to use for peering out the window!

Proof of the gorgeous weather we've been having.  Morning walks are back and I am so grateful to once again start every day with some fresh air.

A cachepot I ordered from a One King's Lane sale.  If you haven't checked out Jayes Studio, please do so.  Now.

I finally got a few of my must have books, these three are among my favorites.  Kim- if you're reading- go out and buy Good Bones, Great Pieces.  You will LOVE IT!

My kitchen, taken from my favorite spot to sit on the floor and take some deep breaths after finally getting both of my young down for a nap.

A pillow made by my beloved seamstress for a fabulous client.

My dresser top.  It's a moveable feast.

Some beautiful fabrics I've been dying to use.

My desk.  Another moveable feast.

Playing with fabrics for a client.  I love these colors!!!!

After a few scratches popped up on our table, I pulled my vintage Bermuda tablecloth out of the china cabinet.  After a few stains turned up on my vintage Bermuda tablecloth, I fabricated a DIY solution which will be blogged on Monday.

My Aubusson silk rug in action.  I like it.  I don't think the hubs is thrilled.  Win some, lose some.  Sorry hubs.

A beautiful pink sky the other night behind the towering trees in our backyard.

My humans.  And the headlock hold.

CUUTE Cynthia Rowley lamps at our new HomeGoods store.  I wanted these SO badly, but both the shades were damaged.  Bum.  Still sad about it.

Gretchen O. and I did some serious damage during our excursion to said HomeGoods this weekend.  

John Robshaw picture frames scored at aforementioned HomeGoods.  That HomeGoods is quite Good for the Home indeed.

"Life is a Journey NOT A Destination. -Souza"  I try to remember this every day.  And have it taped up where I can see it often.  On this day that the moth decided to visit I think I needed an extra reminder of it as he looks a bit like an arrow pointing in emphasis of NOT.

Some lovely pillows I snagged at SteinMart for a client.  I'll be sad to see them go.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you get a minute, follow me on Instagram @whitneymcgregor to keep abreast of all my latest harebrained schemes.  Ciao!

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  1. Yes! I'm always reading and loving my new fall mornings when they start with a little inspiration from The Avarice. You are being so generous with your time and I am soaking up every word, every idea, every photo in every post. I'll get the book this weekend-- thanks for the find! P.S. Your humans look like angels. :)