07 September 2012

Small is Beautiful

Thank God it's Friday.  And I mean that with 100% serious-ness.  
And to say goodbye to this good for nothing, shit show of a week, I leave you with some thoughts on small.  You see, most people are attracted to the grandeur of sprawling manses and capacious estates.  I think it's normal.  Human nature, even.  Princesses live in castles.  It's glamorous and luxurious.  In America especially, a large home is a symbol of wealth and status.  But I would be willing to bet my fortune that even the Vanderbilt's had one wing or even one room where they spent most of their time.  Even in my modest 1500 square foot home, there are spaces that are relatively unused.  We have nested in one space, which has become a cook/eat/work/play area and it is where we spend 90% of our waking hours.  When we are away, I crave the safety and intimacy of just one small space in our home.  Small is safe and enveloping.  It is comfortable and womb-like.  Small is smart and efficient.  There is nothing wasted with small.  Small is having only what you need.  It is simple and it is beautiful.  
And in celebration of small, I leave you with some images from J.Crew designer Olympia Bermann's stunning 600 square foot New York walk up.

Photography by Eric Striffler for Canadian House & Home

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