18 September 2012

Designer Spotlight: Barrie Benson

I make it my business to ingest as much good design as I possibly can.  I subscribe to oodles of magazines- both online and in print and I seek out beautiful spaces through other blogs and international websites.  I can find something I appreciate in almost any tastefully designed room and always respect the designer, regardless of style, because I know the hard work and thought that goes in to creating a beautiful home.  That said, there are certain spaces that really get my heart racing.  I know I am late to the game on this one, as it was in the Spring/Summer Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine, but when I saw it I had to postpone my planned blog for today and share.  Maybe it's just because I get excited about all the local ladies killin' the design scene from right here in the Carolinas.  Either way, I think you'll agree that Barrie Benson is pret-ty neat.

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