17 September 2012

Before and (Almost) After

I could wait to post these until they are installed in my client's home, but I just can't wait.  I'm impatient.  It's not a quality I'm proud of but it's the truth dammit so deal with it!  The full after will be once they are cozily situated in their permanent homes, but for now I have the almost after.


I picked up this John Wanamaker french-style wing chair at auction.  It has goose down filling and is SO comfy.  It's very feminine indeed, but also strong and sturdy.  Here it is after...


I will be sad to let this one go.  It will find a happy home in the living room of a fabulous client in Augusta.  I can't wait to show you the full reveal.

The next piece I grabbed at a thrift store for around $30.  She was in sad shape, but I could see the potential.  Here she is before...

And here she is after...

This sassy bit will be on the same Augusta home's screened porch.  Full details to come in the next few weeks.  

Happy Monday!

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