20 September 2012

Auction Fun

I have been going nonstop and am just now squeezing in a minute to myself.  It's been a beautiful and exciting day here and the weather is absolutely gorgeous and autumnal which is so wonderful.  Along with officially starting on a new restaurant project today (yay!), I also had to run up to the auction house to pick up some scores, which I wanted to share...

I grabbed these upholstered twin beds and was so thrilled to see that even the rails are made of solid wood.  They need some lovin', but when I'm done with them, they'll be fit for a princess.  
I've always love this room from the May '06 domino and it's in my head as I move forward with these beautiful beds:

I also love what they've done with twin beds here- and they didn't even paint the wood.  That would be tough for me, but I could think about it:

I've had my eyes on these lights for some time and I have a client in mind, but I'm not sure if I can part with them.  

I'm thinking of rewiring them with a neon cord like the one shown below from Canadian House and Home Magazine:

I just love this silk Aubusson rug.  It is a nod to my decorating roots.  And it's pink.  I needed it.

And the last score was not my own, but my main squeeze Gretchen O.'s.  I am super excited about this lot of amazing china she snagged.  It's even more gorgeous in person.

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  1. Yay for restaurants! Yay for twin beds, yay for lights and rugs;);) and china....and a kindred spirit to enjoy it all with!