06 September 2012

Imagine a Room: Fall Fashion

Welp.  Fashion week starts today and how apropos because I've had fashion heavy on the brain.  Mostly because my post baby physique is not fitting properly into my fall clothes.  And also because fall is my favorite time of year- for several reasons- one of them being fall fashion.  I am thrilled to finally wave bye bye to 100 degree days and say Hello Gorgeous to cozy sweater nights.  
For as long as I can remember, I've associated fall fashion with preppy East coast chic attire.  Loafers, polos, cable knits and the like.  This is probably not the stuff Pret-a-Porter Fall 2012 is made of, but it's what I'll be trying to fit into this season.  And in keeping with that, I wanted to create a space that is everything Fall fashion to me.

Gotta run.  Contact me regarding product pricing and purchasing information.

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