19 September 2012

Designer Spotlight: Mayme Baker

I don't usually share two designers two days in a row (not much job security pour moi!) AND I had planned to do another post yesterday that was supposed to be today, but I will have to put that off yet again because there is just too much goodness in this space...

Last time I was up in Greenville, we passed by this fabulous little shop and I forced my mama to whip the car around and go back.  It ended up being the shop/studio of Mayme Baker and inside was a treasure trove of beautiful things.  My Instagram photos from that day say it all...

I was in total awe of her talent and still am.  I am crazy about her more is more aesthetic and love her ability to seamlessly curate beautiful things and make them all speak to each other.  With our planned move to Greenville this coming year, I am so thrilled to know that there are movers and shakers like Mayme Baker in town.  So, obviously, when I found out her home was in House of Fifty this month, I just had to share. Duh.  (I tried to edit down the pictures, but there is just so much to see- I had to include them all!)


  1. We lived in Greenville for a couple years and that pink door drew me in over and over. I loved her style and all the color just made you fee good. Anyway I'm so excited to see this and see inside her house which is just amazing. Best of luck with your move - Greenville is such a welcoming, southern town with great people!

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by!
      Where did you live in Greenville? We are still looking for a place there and open to suggestions re the best areas to be. Also hoping to find a good network of creative and fascinating people there. Too bad you are in Dallas now :(