02 August 2010

In Search of...

The perfect nightstand.  But before we get to that, I have to say that I will never again resolve to blog everyday.  Making a promise like that did wonders for me and I haven't posted anything since!  I'm not so self-impressed that I think I could have been missed that much, but I was having an inspiration breakdown.  Although I have to admit, Claude Fauchere was a pretty excellent topic to be stuck with for a week.  How magnifique is he?  Let me clarify that I don't blame my blogging drought entirely on superstition, which brings me to another topic that I want to discuss: If my home is in disarray, then so is my brain.  I thought maybe it was just because I'm obsessive about my living space, but the more I talk to people about this, the more I think that the general public underestimates the power of a comfortable and pleasing abode.  I can think and communicate so much more effectively when I feel happy with my habitat.  So, next time you have writer's block or can't get motivated, clean your house and then give it a shot.  I guarantee it will clear your mind. 

Now, about the nightstands...  I am seriously struggling to find any that fit my size, shape and price requirements.  I think my best bet is to continue to scour all of my thrift, consignment and antique shops for a pair of nightstands that I fancy.  All of my usual suspects have failed me so far, but I have found a few that are pretty neat.  First, I should set the stage for our bedroom.  I am unsure about the wall color, but my bed linens are all white, the headboard will be tufted and white (of course).  The dresser is, you guessed it, white.  It's a little on the modern side, which I'm hoping will keep the room from feeling too shabby chic.  I have a jute rug in there now that will stay and I think I'll move my red console table under the window to use as a vanity and writing desk.  The red and white could be a stark contrast and I'll need some elements to smoothe it out.  Right now, I have round, ivory metal IKEA tables as nightstands and one feasable option is to make tablecloths.  I think this will take the femme factor over the top.  So, I have concluded that I need square nightstands - hard edges keep it from getting too girly.  I've found quite a few square nightstands that I love, but they are just too darn short.  I require something atleast 2'3".  I would like it to have atleast one drawer and be a modern form or Hollywood regency style.  And so the search continues.  In the meantime, here are some of my favorites.

The CB2 Peekaboo Clear Nesting tables are by far my favorite option out there.  There is no drawer, but for $199, I am willing to compromise.  Unfortunately, they are about 8" shorter than my required height and this is a deal breaker.  I will find a place for these in my home eventually - it just won't be as my nightstand.

The Linea Nightstand from Crate & Barrel is such a beauty.  It is practically a shoe-in for the job and is a close second after the acrylic nesting tables above.  It is modern, while still being rugged and almost industrial.  Me likey.  Unfortunately, it strikes out on two fronts.  It's about four inches shorter than I require and about double the price I want to pay right now ($349).  Shucks.
The Niche Nightstand from West Elm is another very viable option, but I fear it is too... I dunno... white.  It's pretty cute and it's on "special" right now for $199 (from $279), but do I absolutely love it and think it would be perfect? No.  Next, please.

Rarely do I dislike anything I see at Room Service Home and could be glad to outfit my entire home in furniture from this online catalogue.  The Colgate Occassional table would be beautiful anywhere, including on either side of my bed, but it fails almost every requirement.  Maybe another time, friend.

Nothing would thrill me more than two nightstands that fit my size and price requirements and looked exactly like the one above from Jayson Home and Garden.  I LOVE this store and I love this table, but it is 5" too tall and $500 more than I can afford. 
The search continues...

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  1. agreed. i am so unmotivated in a messy house. cleaning is therapeutic. love your blog whitney!