23 July 2010

Trend: Birds of a Feather

We have finally returned from our federal sojourn and I am exhausted.  I was not able to do and see nearly all the things I had wished, but I was pleased to get away and even more pleased to be home again.  I have much cleaning and catching up to do, but I'm having a veritable traffic jam of inspiration in my head and I need to get some of it out!  I have resolved to begin blogging everyday starting right meow.

Although I didn't make it to as many stores, galleries, and boutiques as I would have liked, I did make it in a couple (Yves Delorme, Pierre Deux, The Kellogg Collection, to name a few).  While browsing through these uppity establishments, I noticed a reoccurring trend: birds.  There were bird statuettes, bird dishware, bird candles and loads of other avian accessories.  I wasn't able to take any pictures for various reasons, but I have scoured my favorite retail establishments to find some of my favorites.

These little gems are from one of my favorite online retailers, Stray Dog Designs.  They have such beautiful and unique objects and accessories and what's better, they donate a portion of their profits to help hungry children, homeless families, and, of course, stray dogs.  I would love to buy both of these winged beauties and put them next to each other on the bureau or console as part of a stunning tableau vivant.

One of my favorite bird accessories came from a Bethesda, MD store called The Kellogg Collection.  They were small, plump cement statuettes and I thought them so sweet and sculptural perched on a stack of books.  I wasn't able to find them on The Kellogg Collection website, but did find these yellow beauties - they have just the right amount of retro glam.  They would make lovely bookends.
These silver plated birds from Pierre Deux offer a more traditional spin on the trend.  I also found some fabulous pheasant figurines from Pierre Deux that would be very happy in my kitchen somewhere.  

Etsy.com is one of my favorite places to go when searching for interesting objects and birds seem to be a common muse for artists and crafters alike.  Here are some of my favorites:

This beautiful burlap bird pillow is from seller JolieMarche and I think it is just sweet enough to eat!  It would go with almost any style or fabric - I think it could even handle my rambunctious green and yellow striped sofa!  


This dessert pedestal from burlap + blue would look lovely on my kitchen island topped with red velvet cupcakes or atop my dresser holding my diamonds and jewels! 
The lacy blue bird bowl from PrinceDesignUK has left me beside myself with sheer cuteness.  Combining this sweet bird silhouette with lace?  Brilliant! 

I am off to do some bird watching.

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