09 July 2010

My Lust List

I have more than enough.  I have more than enough.  I have more than enough.  No matter how many times I tell myself this, there are just certain things I lust after with a persistent and fiery passion.  Here are a few of the things I need right now in no particular order.

I dream of a celebration designed by Ariella Chezar.  She is truly an artist, creating a distinct and intense ambiance with every tableau.  The beauty of her vignettes blur the line between wants and needs.  This reminds me...  a cheese table is a definite necessity for our upcoming nuptials.

I have been following knack studios in Greenville, SC ever since I worked with the founder's husband last fall.  Their offerings are whimsical and inspiring and seeing as how my search for the perfect dresser/changing table is failing miserably, I think a trip to their Pendleton St. store is in order.

John Robshaw bedding, period.  Oh how I long for you wrapped around me every night.  Sigh.  These linens are luxurious and beautiful with just the right amount of exotisme.  They come from far away places with a hip and relevant flair.  I think I might sleep better on John Robshaw linens... this might be a need.   I won't even comment on the crib sets...


Diggi Coral


I recently discovered Company C via my House Beautiful magazine this month.  They have an interesting selection of rugs and textiles worth checking out. Their April Blooms rug is precious and I think it would be perfect in the nursery.

Very cute, although it is in competition with the Boqueria Black and White rug from Designer's Guild.

As with most important decisions concerning things I don't need, it boils down to one questions: Do I want to be sassy or sweet?  Time will tell.
To help me decide, I will bathe in the sweet smells of rosemary, patchouli, and saltwater with Saipua's new handcrafted soap.  I honestly can't think of any better combination than those three.  The description reads, "A gentle body or hand soap with nori seaweed and crushed sea salt. Scented with rosemary and patchouli essential oils."  I must order this soap yesterday.

And last, Madeline Weinrib Original Handmade Textiles.  I may faint at the beauty of this stuff.  And if not, I will certainly faint at the price.  But they are like art on fabric ready to wrap around your favorite chair and worth every penny.  If only I could convince my roommate (aka fiance) of that.  They are the stuff of my dreams and I ooze with jealousy for the talent Mme. Weinrib possesses.  Her website is worth perusing, but in the meantime, here is the highlight reel.

Sigh... Tonight, I shall dream in ikat.

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  1. Whitney, you are amazing! delightful! What fun to read your beautifully written blog and share your discoveries. You enrich my life and broaden my imagination. You are destined for marvelous accomplishments of your own. The April Blooms rug would be fabulous in the nursery. Thanks for sharing.