12 July 2010

Sassy or Sweet?

This week I will be preparing for our trip north to visit family in the DC area, so I probably won't be blogging much and certainly won't have time to do so once we get there.  However, I will be taking pictures and compiling inspiration from places, people, food and shops I encounter while there.  (If you have any suggestions concerning museum exhibits, restaurants, etc. in DC, please let me know!!) 
In the meantime, I am facing a dilemma.  The beach cottage in my last post was basically life changing and it has caused me to completely reconsider my inspiration for the nursery.  I had previously thought that the nursery should be light, bright, serene, and sophisticated, like the spaces shown below...

These nurseries are all fabulous and very sweet. I would be pleased to have any of them, but I think they are too somber and serious.  Perhaps they are more of what I want for my own bedroom and not so much what would be best for little miss Lily Grace. 
So, I've had a total change of heart and I'm thinking Lilly Pulitzer meets Dorothy Draper.  This child is going to be sassy, there is no doubt about it - she doesn't have a choice - it's literally in our blood.  This nursery is going to need bright floral fabrics, vintage planters full of peonies, polka dots, (lots of) colorful French art, and a touch of Hollywood regency.  I'm thinking covered cornice boards with contrast detailing, loud drapery panels, and a scalloped crib skirt.  Here is my new inspiration guide. (Click to enlarge)

It is just so much happier than those other pictures.  It is still bright and light, but it's cheerful without being too kiddie.  The polka dot fabric is from http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/ for $3.95/yd, which I simply can't believe and will order a swatch before I commit.  I think I will use it in association with some pink (or green) piping to cover the rocking chair.  I found this fabulous idea (see below) on a blog I discovered called Living with Lindsay - this woman is truly amazing.  I simply can't believe the stuff she does!

She attached foam rubber to the rocking chair first using ribbon to add comfort for late night feedings.  Brilliant!  And it turned out so cute.  I can just see it in navy and white polka dot with the piping.  Yumm.  The two fabrics in the bottom left of my inspiration sheet are Amy Butler (worth checking out if you aren't familiar with her).  I think the floral with the blue/teal background will go on the cornice board/drapery panels.  I want to put some sort of trim within the cornice board like the picture below from La Dolce Vita.

The chevron and the pink and orange fabric will be used for the crib bumpers/skirt... probably.  I tend to change my mind.  A lot.  I found the Fauvist prints on http://www.allposters.com/ and discovered an artist that was previously unbeknownst to me: Raoul Dufy.  Yumm.  The pink and white faux zebra rug and the chandelier are both from Pottery Barn Teen and are on sale right now.  The glider is also from there, but not on sale and will probably not make the cut.  I found the Asian elephant lamp on Overstock.com and I have a perfect hand-me-down green and white striped nightstand that would proudly hold that lovely little lamp.  The knob is from Anthropologie and I will use it on a white dresser/changing table, which I have yet to find.  I'm officially in search of precious vintage planters and objets d'art that are retro and colorful.  I'm so excited... My vision is finally coming together.

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  1. Hi I'm a friend of Carolyn's. I told her I would stop by your blog. Love the nursery pictures. If you decide to do one that has a cornice let me know I know a company that you can buy the kit from to make the cornice and they are like $30 a window.