10 January 2012

Happy New Year!

"Whose life shall you touch this year? Whose will you impact? Whose will you inspire? Whose will you support? Whose will you live unconditionally? Whose will you forgive any transgressions? Whose will you deliver your service? Why not start with your own? Make a difference in 2012 in your own life and see how it ripples out in the world! Happy New Year! Happy New You!" 
-Simran Singh

I have no doubt in my mind that 2012 is going to be an unbelievable year.  Surrounding me are people doing amazing and inspiring things and I can feel the positive in the air.  I'm so excited about what is to come and all of the foundations built and friends met in 2011.  So, thanks.  For helping to make my 2011 great and my 2012 full of hope, promise, and opportunity.  

It is only ten days into the year and I already have amazing news about what is to come, but I'm not going to tell until the time is right!!  For now, I wanted to share some progress, projects, and plans.

First, my favorite client's kitchen (my mom's!) is coming along at tortoise speed and that's better than no speed at all!  A recent development: the back splash is almost complete!  Here are some progress photos:

In addition to the back splash, we painted the ceiling Benjamin Moore's Italian Ice.  I love how the green blue of the ceiling looks next to the puddy gray of the cabinets. We also ordered this fixture for above the sink that I found at  Rejuvenation :

It's all coming together and I am SO excited to see the finished product.  Last stop:  the floors.  Both my mom and I really want small white hexagon tiles, but they are proving to be a little on the pricey side.  It's difficult and disappointing to settle for less when we have put so much time, money, and thought into this kitchen.  Needless to say, I want it to be EXACTLY what she envisioned so my search will continue!!

Next, my projects, and they are many, so I will condense.  At any given moment, my mind is working ten different ideas that I want to begin, but don't for the sake of my family!  I'm particularly psyched about the following:

This chair I bought at a local thrift store for $15.00!!!  Yup.  The frame is completely sound, it doesn't smell and, um, it's adorbs.  I plan on painting the wood and reupholstering, but I'm not definite on colors and fabrics.  I think it's going to go into Lilly's room for now because it won't fit anywhere else!  Eventually I'd love to use it as my desk chair.

The showstopper... This beauty I found at my favorite local antique mall for... $90!!!!  I have literally been eyeing it for a year and when I went the last time it had been marked down and I had to buy it.  I had to.  It's in fabulous condition with new springs.  The beautifully carved wood frame is close to perfect with only one or two scratches.  The guy at the antique shop said it was a French antique, and I said of course it is.  Although my natural inclination is to paint.  Everything.  I think I will spare the wood on this beauty, but I will definitely be reupholstering in something very chic and mod. More to come on my fabric selections.  
I intend on putting this sofa in our entry hallway, which will also be getting a fresh coat of paint and some new artwork.

Last, the plans.  Some recent developments and new opportunities have forced me to make the home beautification act a top priority.  Here are the plans:

Master Bedroom:

  • Curtains are a must.  I know the fabric.  I know the color.  Brentwood Nepal in Onyx shown above.  It's like an ikat and a leopard print got together and had a fabulous love child.  This fabric also comes in green and it's a top three choice for the antique sofa upholstery.
  • Linens.  Nothing makes a bedroom look crisp and clean like some fresh bed linens.  I had my heart set on the Frette Classic Hotel Percale sheets from Garnet Hill with black embroidery, but they are no longer available so they may have to be improvised.  
  • Closet doors.  I don't mind the mirrored doors.  They aren't too chic, but they sure are handy when I'm picking out my outfits.  When we moved in, I wanted to do a scalloped corner "frame" three inches within the edge of each mirrored closet door with white removable paint.  I plan on seeing this idea through, but will need to find some good removable paint.  I am open to suggestions on this one!!
Guest Bathroom:

  • Wallpaper.  Above the tile, we are wallpapering these walls with the same black and white toile used to cover the laundry room cabinets.  (Shown below)  The results will be stunning.

The "den":
I have no proud pictures of the den because it is still going through it's awkward phase.  Frustrating, but I'm just glad we made it through the ugly stage.  Next, the beautiful stage!! 

  • Paint.  The walls will be either an icy green, a seafoam green, or a pure light blue.  We are still debating.  My vote is for the 50s green blue color of my favorite colander.  My roommate (hubby) is pushing for the blue.  Additionally, I think I will paint the antique dresser shown in the pictures above the pink color of our bedroom and then rough it up a bit, but I'm always subject to change my mind.
  • Accessories.  On the two walls not shown there is a white slipcovered sofa with a large painting above it and a round white table with chairs that serves as our "breakfast nook".  Both of these areas, along with my mantle, need to be restyled with new artwork, accessories, and fabrics.  

Sigh.  I am grateful for my problems!  I'll keep you posted on all my finished projects, further progress, and additional plans.  

Happy 2012.  I wish you an AMAZING year.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great blog... really enjoy hearing (reading)about your ideas!