18 January 2012

Love: Paper and Swedes

I am hurrying and scurrying trying to to do everything I need to do, so I'm only stopping by for a minute, but I wanted to share two things that are inspiring me right now: paper and swedes!

First. Rifle Paper Co. I am just recently hip to this wonderfully artful and fabulously creative paperie...

... See what I mean.

Next, I stumbled upon Alvhem, a Swedish real estate agency slash interior design firm and their icy hot designs make me want to PURGE, paint all my floors white and change my name to Sven.

Ahhhh.  When I grow up, I want to be a minimalist.


  1. Isnt swade actually spelled suede?

  2. Shyte, just actually read it. Swede like swiss..like the cheese. Had a moment. Hope u refrain from just allowing any old thing to post on here.

  3. You are outdoing yourself on The Avarice! Loved seeing the photos of your mom's kitchen - amazing! - and your other finds. I have spent far too much time this morning cruising the internet. How do you find time to explore so much? Isn't it fun!