27 January 2012

PurePhoto Favs

Aside from a comfortable sofa, fabulous linens and great lighting, I think that compelling art is the most important part of a well decorated home.  One of my go-to places for art and inspiration is PurePhoto, a "social commerce network" whose chairman and co-founder is my [eh-hem] cousin (by marriage).  It's a fabulous site that connects art collectors with photographers from all over the world.  If you haven't checked it out, please get with it and do so now!

Anyway, I was just doing my weekly stroll through the virtual gallery that is PurePhoto and thought I would share my current favorites.

Artist Unknown, Gray Dress and Red Hat, Hamburg Kennedy Photographs

Robert Canis, Green-winged orchid meadow at sunrise

Matt Schwartz, girl with plane

Thomas Birke, Hong Kong #09

Louis Gaillard, 6

Alin Popescu, Have a Seat and Take a Look

Roberta Murray, Sunday Drive

Rafael Fuchs, Mom on Bicycle

Mina Georgescu, Carnivale

Walter Meregalli, Via Bramante

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