08 March 2013

In Search of...

I am always hunting for something.  Here's my current list...

Clockwise from top left:

We inherited a set of Noritake Asian Song china from my husband's great aunts.  Although it would not have been my first choice if I were selecting new china for purchase, it is quite lovely.  I have long thought that some chic coordinates would really bring the Asian Song up a notch.  And right now, I have my eyes on this faux bamboo charger, beautiful orchid hued salad plate, and fabulous green ikat bread plate to freshen up our family heirloom.

I am always looking for great art for reasonable prices.  Right now I need something colorful and contemporary to go above our sofa in the living room and something abstract for over our bed.  Love this zebra number from Stampa, as well as this fresh and flowing piece by Lola Donoghue.

My vision for Liam's room has always involved a mid century dresser, but we ended up repurposing Lilly's old one because we didn't find one in time that we loved that wasn't a million dollars.  This one is basically everything I've ever dreamed of and more.  And for $2200, I'll keep dreaming.

As you well know, the side table search continues, but this one keeps popping back in my head.

You may have also noticed that I'm having kind of a moment with yellow right now (proof here and here).  It really does go with everything and I think a touch of yellow does every room good.  So I've been on the hunt for wonderful patterned fabric in shades of yellow.  These are all from Schumacher and nothing I'd smack my grandma over, but they're the best I can find at present.

This little gray ikat chair has been haunting me.  It wants me and I want it.  I also want to know who makes such a handsome gem of a sitting piece so that I may see all this vendor has to offer.  But in a wicked turn of events, no one will tell me who makes the damn thing.  As Bon Qui Qui would say, "Rude."

Rugs.  I have been looking for rugs and had general ruggery on the brain.  In the words of the [Great] Big Lebowski, "That rug really tied the room together." And he is exactly right because that's just what rugs do.  I love these boucharouite type jobs from RugsUSA, but the one I keep going back to is the pink and white striped beauty.  You might remember it from here.

Last, to add to my case good bonanza, I am also seeking new nightstands.  We are in a standstill until we move and can fit something other than the very narrow ones we currently have.  I have not decided if I am going to do matching or non matching, chests or tables, etc. etc. but I do love these and have had my eyes on them for a solid year.

What are you searching for currently?  I'd love to know ;)

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