06 March 2013

Some people...

When I finally get a chance to read my monthly stack of shelter magazines, I zip through any garden features.  I love the outdoors and I love beautiful gardens, but I am so enamored with what goes on inside the home that I can't be bothered with yards.  But this month, when I received my March-April Veranda, my mind was reeling after seeing Miles Redd's magic in Atlanta.  The only thing that snapped me out of my Redd daze was the mention of Lake Geneva in the subtext of "A Cultured Jewel" about Caroline Scheufele's Swiss home.  During my time in Europe, I visited some family friends in Switzerland and spent some time on the docks of Lake Geneva (Lake Leman as it is called there).  Well, as you'll see, it is just plain ugly there and I can't imagine living in this reprehensible dump that she calls a villa.  Pff.

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