04 March 2013

Furbish Pillow Giveaway

There are only a few blogs that I read every day and one of them is Jamie Meares' blog I SUWANNEE.  So this afternoon, I put the kids down for a nap and finally sat down with my breakfast to check out my daily reads. After checking my email, I headed over to I SUWANNEE and I am here to report that FURBISH is giving away some beautiful pillows that I first saw on an Instagram post about a week ago and loved the pink and black combo - it reminded me of my new blog design, set to reveal very soon.  My mom also follows FURBISH, Jamie Meares', etc. on Instagram and she was even more gaga for the pillows then I was.  So if I win, I'm giving them to my mama.
Now hop over to I SUWANNEE and peek around and then enter to win some beautiful pillows!

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