22 February 2012

Baby B

Well it's true.  Number two is on the way.  Well on the way actually.  More than half way on the way.  I hesitate to share, but I have been so busy lately that sometimes even I forget that I'm prego and I need to make some hoopla about this one just like I did with my little Miss.  What am I having you ask?  A human.  A human boy to be exact.  I am grateful to be as busy as I am, but I don't feel like I've had any time to nest or even be excited about this wonderful blessing.  So in the spirit of hoopla, I wanted to share my initial nursery idea board.


  1. What wonderful news Whitney!! I am thrilled to see this! Baby B is one lucky little bundle. And I know you're going to style his room with aplomb! I'm so excited about your subscriptions, too. Now I'll get to see all the fun the day it arrives in my inbox.

    1. Kim- Thank you so much!~and thank you for being a loyal reader!! I think of you often and hope you're well. -W

  2. I have a baby boy on the way, as well. I like your mood board!