21 February 2012

Fantasy Floorplans

A friend of mine recently told me that she and her family were seriously considering a move and would be looking for a local builder and a great floor plan.  I have always been a fan of old homes myself, from the 1940s to be exact, but thinking about local builders and great floor plans sparked some curiosity.  I began thinking about how I would build my perfect home and what my perfect blueprint might look like.  In short, I've had floor plans on the brain so you can imagine my delight and surprise when I stumbled upon Fantasy Floorplans. Created by Brandi Roberts, a woman who likes TV, a lot, the website sells floorplans for... You guessed it.  Your favorite TV homes, offices, and apartments.  From Leave It To Beaver to the Golden Girls, you can own the blueprints for most any TV digs you can think of... 
First and second floors of Don and Betty Draper's Suburban home

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