06 December 2011

What Inspires Now

I am in the process of "redecorating" my blog.  I am working with Fabulous K Creative to create a new blog layout and as part of that process, I had to explain what inspires me.  I find inspiration literally everywhere, so the difficult part was narrowing it down into something cohesive and somewhat concise.  In doing this, I was able to clean house a bit.  Sometimes, when I have too much inspiration in my head, I lose my vision and I think it's important to narrow it down and sweep away the extra every once in a while.  What I told her isn't the end all, but it's my highlight reel and looking at it helps me to keep my style and vision in tact.

  1. Kate Spade and katespade.com.  If I could wear Kate Spade from head to toe every day, I would.    It's classic, sophisticated, glamorous, and smart, but so fun and funky.  I think if I had to sum up my personal style aspirations- Kate Spade would be it.  Not only are the clothes beautiful, but the website is fabulously done and the store displays are always fantastic.
  2. Floral wallpaper.  I firmly believe that there is nothing that doesn't look good with floral wallpaper behind it.  It's the perfect backdrop for any room and a great solution for lots of otherwise expensive problems.  Got ugly bathroom tile?  Put up some floral wallpaper.  Hate your laundry room cabinets? Cover them in floral wallpaper.  Need some flora in your city apartment?  You got it.  Floral wallpaper.  
  3. Quadrille fabrics.  If you've never looked at Quadrille, do so NOW.  All of their textiles are so artfully done.  It is my go to place for small projects until I can afford to upholster a sofa or an entire room in it!
  4. Vintage milk glass and enamelware.  As much as I love all things luxe and glam, there is something so lovely about mid century tchotchkes and ephemera.  I love milk glass, especially when paired with fine china and silver.  Much to my roommate's (aka husband's) dismay, I have stockpiled quite a collection and don't plan on stopping any time soon.  
  5. Dorothy Draper anything.  A pioneer in design and decorating and one of my idols.  Her aesthetic is exuberant and luxurious and it still inspires today, more than 70 years later.  
  6. Tina Barney photography.  Tina Barney's photography captures scenes from aristocratic life in New York and New England.  There is something provocative and mysterious about Barney's work and I LOVE the enormous scale.  I am saving up to own one of these fabulous photographs.  I only have about $60,000 more to go!
  7. Old paint by numbers.  I don't know why I like these.  Probably for the same reason I like enamelware.  Either way, I am consistently attracted to these at thrift and antique stores.  I love when people hang them gallery style mixed in with some more hefty pieces.
  8. Hollywood Regency.  Hands down my favorite design era.  I think this is when designers started to understand the tension created when you mix eras.  I am constantly trying to strike a balance between my attraction to Hollywood Regency and my desire for comfort and practicality.  
What inspires you??  I always love to add to my inspiration bank!

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