02 December 2011

This Week in Pins

if you aren't on pinterest yet, then get on it! (and follow me @whim home)  it's like a warehouse of wonderful and inspiring things.  whatever you're into - there is something on pinterest for you.  i consistently find fantastic ideas to share and use myself.  here are my favorites from this week:

i love christmas time.  love it.  always have.  i could watch elf every night and never get tired of it.  love. it.  so i am so excited about all the neat holiday decorating ideas on pinterest.  this idea is crafty and funky and could be translated into another decoration.  maybe spring paper topiaries or a summer wreath.  too cute!

i've seen this kitchen before and i'm not sure where it came from (i think house beautiful, but please correct me if you know better), but for some reason salvaged wood is so cozy and inviting.  and, to me, wood beams warm me up in the winter and are a stunning contrast to that frigid, but beautiful, tile.  this is my kitchen inspiration for our mountain home.  (that doesn't exist)

i am always looking for smart storage ideas for clients and for myself!  i love this inexpensive way to store your favorite pumps.

this christmas ornament idea is brought to you by the one and only miss martha stewart.  i haven't looked at the instructions in detail but i think you use a balloon and some glitter?  not sure, but i'm going to check it out- these are just lovely.

during the holidays, i search for ways to not only decorate my home, but also make it more cozy for guests.  i love the idea of making my own hand scrubs.  i'm a stickler for ingredients and a firm believer in exfoliating.  this one is a keeper fo sho.  i'll play with different fragrances each season and my surplus of mason jars should keep things inexpensive.

this isn't really my style, but i am always inspired by original ideas.  it gets my mind working and i thought this one was worth sharing.  it's very green and i love anything salvaged, so kudos to the guy or gal who thought of this.

an old classic.  rashida jones living room makeover from domino magazine.  i saw this on pinterest and shed a tear for my old friend domino mag.  it's amazing how current the decorating remains.  this is still very fresh and beautiful.  love it.

this made me laugh and i had to share it.  i don't understand it, but i just can't get enough babies in wigs.  i am actively seeking a silly wig for miss lilly.  just 'cause.

if you have never been to miss mustard seeds blog then go! now!! i saved this for last because she is fabulous and you will leave my blog for hers and never ever come back.  she did this diy, no sew tree skirt for hgtv.com and it has inspired me to change my entire christmas tree scheme this year.  i will be making it (with a sewing machine and my mama's help) and i'll have the big reveal in a week or so.  i will also be blogging about my christmas tree makeover on a shoestring budget.  so, stay tuned and happy pinning!

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