09 December 2011

This Week in Pins

The only down side of blogging about the fabulous happenings on Pinterest is that there is a risk of getting so distracted that you use up all your time just browsing Pinterest.  It's a wonderful place, but also somewhat of a black hole of time and efficiency.  However I have to say that I was very impressed this week and looking through the pins I found, I realized there is a bit of a diy/salvage theme...

I love this beautiful repurposed piece as a headboard.  I am all about salvaging items, especially when they are this beautiful.  I love how it adds architectural detail to a simple room.  It makes me think of a certain bit of ironwork fencing that I've been eyeing at one of my local antique haunts.  I'd love to paint it and use it as a headboard.  Which brings me to the next pin...

This is brilliant.  I would see this piece of fencing somewhere and think, "It's beautiful, but what will I do with it?"  Well. Let's be honest.  I wouldn't say that, but my roommate (husband) definitely would.  This gives me a perfect rebuttal and gets me thinking... I would love to use something like this hung from the ceiling over a bed  with fabric streaming from it to create a tent-ish canopy of sorts.  Romantic.

This I am so excited about.  I love this look and really wanted to do it in a recent client's bedroom, but it can get VERY pricey.  This is an awesome and inexpensive solution.  

I was so happy to see this bedroom from Schoolhouse Electric on Pinterest because I saw it earlier this week when searching for some overhead fixtures for one of my new projects and I was so inspired.  I didn't realize that Schoolhouse Electric had stuff other than, well, electric, but they do and it's WONDERFUL.  Check out their website if you've never been, there is so much wonderful inspiration and their light fixtures are nostalgic and beautiful.  Love this company.

People are just so handy, you know?  This is not really a novel idea, but I was glad to see it simplified.  It's a diy that can inspire so many other variations.  For instance, when I saw it, I immediately thought of some really cool "geometric print" metal vent covers I had seen at Lowe's last time I was there.  I wonder if they are magnetic...?...

This isn't a diy, although we could make it one.  (1. Counter atop two file cabinets=simple and cheap, 2.  Grab an interesting wood chair from a local antique or thrift shop and fasten an oversize sheepskin to it.)  Voila.  But really. I just liked this look.  I love the wallpaper accent wall and the chair and the branch art on the wall.  The color palette is really fantastic too.

I cannot wait to do this somewhere.  It seems super time consuming but so worth the effort.

This might be the pin that I am MOST excited about.  It's just wood from the hardware or home improvement store cut to look like wide plank barn floors.  It will then be sealed and possibly painted, but I LOVE this especially because my favorite client (my mom ;) just told me she wanted to go back to our original idea of having wood floors in the kitchen.  I am going to do some further research and see what this has to be sealed with and how it holds up.  More to come!

This is just smart.  Period.  Nothin' more to say about it.  Except that I like the color of the cabinets with the black and white tile.  

Another classic from the beloved domino Magazine.  I think this is the bedroom of either Dara Caponigro or Deborah Needleman.  In any case, curtain rods were fastened to the ceiling to create the effect of a canopy bed.  I'm sure this room is chock full of REALLY expensive items, but this is a smart money saving way to accentuate high ceilings and get that luxurious canopy look.

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