14 June 2010

Tickled Pink

That's right. It's a girl. We found out last week and wasted no time in beginning to prepare the nursery. I wanted the space to be neutral and full of light no matter the gender of the baby, but seeing the ultrasound made it so real and prompted us to spring into action. This weekend, we painted the wood floors white and it was quite the process: filling, sanding, cleaning, painting, sanding again, painting again... mylanta. But the result is beautiful and it was so worth it. I won't have before and after pictures for a couple weeks, but wanted to compile some of my inspiration today. One of my favorite looks is brought to you by Serena and Lily- the Marlo Nusery. The bedding takes my breath away, but unfortunately the price does too, so I will continue to keep my eyes on it in hopes of a markdown. The whole room is exactly what I want from the flokati rug to the origami birds and makeshift window treatments- I love it all. It is incredibly peaceful, yet full of wonder and whimsy. (sigh)

In keeping with this same color scheme, I found another piece of inspiration online that I particularly loved. This one also uses beiges and whites and is still quite beautiful despite the fact that it is missing one key element: the Marlo Nursery bedding from Serena and Lily... (sigh again) There is hope!

I have searched the internet and can't seem to find a wall mounted crib canopy like the one above. I love the dresser in this room and the chair makes it feel very french and sophisticated, but is just not practical. Rocking chairs are somewhat less pretty than this one, but they are a must in my opinion. We have a lovely one from Tommy's aunts that will look just perfect with a sheepskin throw.

I know that somewhere down the road, we will have to put a bed in this room and I had pulled this picture months ago because it was french and airy and inspiring. Tommy seems to think it looks like a hospital bed.

I am not deterred- I still love this look, but it makes me think that maybe I don't want perfectly coordinated crib bedding. Maybe I would prefer a "patchwork" of different old and new linens. I also really like the Afton daybed from Ballard Designs, but it would be a completely different look. With some ticking stripes and grain sack pillows, I'm confident I could bring it down a notch or two.

I wish I could lay on it. Perhaps a trip to Atlanta is in order... Anyway, my next crusade before I do anything is removing the ceiling fan in the nursery. There is nothing wrong with it, which is annoying because I know it's good for the baby to have a fan, but it's just too big for the room and ugly. I want to put a little chandelier in there and do a standing fan.

So many exciting decisions, but for now I'm headed out for another marathon brainstorming session. One last thing- did you know Topshop carries baby clothes? Here's one of my favorites. It is delish! Wish they made it in my size.


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  1. Love your blog, Whitney, and I'm having a wonderful morning reading all of your entries. I've laughed at some of our mutual dilemmas- my husband calls my Quovis stainless steel table a "gurney", so it sits, unused, in a hidden room. And to think of white slip-covered furniture? Oh no. I've slipped some into my dining room and I hear the grumblings. Those chairs won't last long here. I can't wait to meet one day- so sorry we missed each other in Paris. I'll be following your entries and I am glued to the screen for any updates on my Aunt Carolyn's house transformation!