15 June 2010

Steal This Set Design

Two weekends ago, we finally got our hands on the film "It's Complicated" starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. It was funny and entertaining and I would highly recommend it, but what I couldn't stop thinking about after the movie wasn't the characters or the humor, but the set design. It was a feast for the eyes! Set near Napa, CA, the movie was just full of beautiful interiors and exteriors. Tommy and I both agreed that if we could have our house decorated any way, it would be exactly like the home of Jane Adler (Meryl Streep), a fabulous 60-year-old divorcee and successful bakery owner and pastry chef. It is California casual with a dollop of rustic Provence and a slice of sophisticated. Basically it's everything I love all baked into one fabulous masterpiece of a home complete with a full vegetable garden, a fabulous gravel courtyard and beautiful landscaping! Enjoy.

Photographs courtesy of Universal Studios via TraditionalHome.com

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