11 June 2010

Casual and Conservative Play Nice

I have plunged into my friend Carolyn's home transformation whole heartedly and will consider her my first real client. (How exciting!!) She has compiled pictures of many of her own favorite spaces over the years and I've had so much fun looking through her photos, many of them from a time before I began my obsession with interiors. In the midst of flipping through all of her inspiration, I realized one common denominator: casual and conservative living together... and getting along! It seems so obvious and looking through my own inspiration, I realize that it's a characteristic that I am also attracted to, but it's not something I had formerly been able to articulate. It is such an elegant look that moves quickly and seemlessly from bare feet to high heels and I plan to use for my own space in the future. Here are some of my favorite interiors where casual and conservative live in harmony.


  1. I love the pink room Whitney! By the way congratulations....I love reading your blog. I am very happy for you!

  2. Whitney, this is fabulous. And you have articulated beautifully what I feel but have not even tried to put into words. We are going to live rich on a dime! I am so excited. Have a million more ideas to discuss tomorrow. Love the Winston Churchill quote. Could have originated with me. You will be hugely successful at anything you do. So much talent.