10 June 2010

Inspiration Station

Today, I am headed over to my friend Carolyn's cozy Columbia home to talk transformation! We have been compiling inspiration for days and have sent thousands, maybe millions of idea filled emails back and forth. We have come up with some really inspiring things, but one idea I can't get out of my mind is a blue kitchen! I don't know if it is because it's finally summer and I long to be beachside, but right now I can't think of anything better than blue for my kitchen.

The kitchen of Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and Brooke Adam's Martha's Vineyard cottage with original blue formica that the couple doesn't plan on replacing. I think the countertops are just darling and if mine looked like that, we wouldn't be replacing them either. Unfortunately, this look would not make Tommy happy and it's just not sophisticared enough for my friend Carolyn, so I will have to keep dreaming.

I think this one is the perfect balance of casual, coastal, and refined and it would be ideal for Carolyn's petite kitchen. I love everything about the cabinets- yumm! And the open shelves and farmhouse sink - favorite.

There is a beautiful pacific blue kitchen in the June House Beautiful by designer Jeffrey Bilhuber. I can't find a picture right now, but will post as soon as I can. House Beautiful has featured many a beautiful blue kitchen, but one of my favorites is from the September issue of last year. It is Windsor Smith's California kitchen that I had previously seen in domino when it was white. She painted it a beautiful deep blue and it is dreamy.

The following picture I found at a twolia.com blog called dwellings and decor I am particularly interested in the pictures on the top right and bottom left.

I remember seeing the next one in House Beautiful and thinking how smart and simple it would be to just remove cabinet doors and paint the inside and outside of the cabinets. The designer used complimentary orange tiles to pull the space together.

The blue in these kitchens is most likely the color we will choose for the bottom cabinets in our own kitchen. It is a practical color that I think is more of a neutral than a blue.

Off to commence the transformation! It should be a very inspiring day.

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