31 August 2012

On My Mind

My mind is moving around so quickly that I sometimes think my eyes are vigorously shifting back and forth for all to see.  If only I could pull my brain tray out of my ear and empty all of the pencil shavings and half finished thoughts into the garbage.  It sounds whacky and feels even whackier.  So in hopes of organizing my head, I thought I might dump some of my thoughts on you.  Ya dig?

I have art on the brain.  I have been lusting after a large, original artwork for a while, specifically Michelle Armas, though I don't want to buy until I see in person.  She recently added some new pieces to her website.  Here's my favorite:

I dont know if this one is new, but it's still my favorite.  Currently. 

 I also like this one by Jenny Andrews:

She is the person behind mfamb and I like her.  I don't know her but I like her.  I think we could hang.  Another cool chick I just recently discovered is Lee Kleinhelter.  I didn't really just discover her, but just recently put a face to the rooms.  She is fabulous at putting a chic spin on rustic elements.  My idol.  Check her out:

Perfection.  Nothing like someone like Lee to make me feel entirely inadequate on a Friday afternoon.  Way to start the weekend.  Lucky for my goldfish-like memory, I'll forget about it in about 12 minutes.  In keeping with that, I'm already off to my next thought.  These classic loafers:

I've really always loved them.  They were on sale at Belks this weekend (I know it's just Belk, no S, but I prefer to say Belks with a thick Southern accent).  It got me thinking about them again and how they are the perfect fall shoe.  With some high-waisted high water jeans and a vintage polo- collar popped.  I would channel that classic New England vibe.  Add a cropped trench and satchel to my arm... and some oversized wayfarers.  Now that is classic fall style and it's right up my alley.  

Last, I'm getting my haircut today.  I always go in with big plans and walk out with... the same haircut I went in with.  It's never my fault though.  I think people are afraid.  Adventure is my middle name though.  I've gathered pictures and intend to find out if blondes really do have more fun.  Wish me luck.

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