29 August 2012

Designer Spotlight: Kelee Katillac

Three weeks ago, I saw this room in House Beautiful:

I was floored.  Flabbergasted.  Completely overwhelmed and utterly smitten.  It is perfection in a room. After I recovered from my initial overdose of beauty and got over all of my feelings of inadequacy as a designer, I, of course, completely forgot about it.  Then today, while searching for some inspiration for a client project, I came across this space again as well as the rest of the photos from this beautiful Kansas City apartment...

With some further research, I found that the space was done by designer Kelee Katillac.  With a name like that, she's got to be good.  And, let me tell you, she's real good.  Her attention to detail and eye for color are unmatched.  And she's also an art historian.  How 'bout them apples.  But, wait.  It get's better.  While digging through her website, I found that she is the founder of Design Gives Back, "an initiative to provide rooms for hope, health and happiness for those who are critically ill or in-need."  What?!  This exists?!  This is something I have had in my brain ever since I discovered my passion for design.  I believe with all my heart that your environment affects your life in every way.  Here is a quote from the Design Gives Back website:

"Design Gives Back welcomes all that love to design, build or decorate.  Our mission is to help those in-need to have more positive living conditions. Hope comes when walls turn from cracked and peeling, to smooth and colorful. The ability to see life differently is prompted by a change in one's surroundings."

couldn't agree more.

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