08 September 2011

A Nightmare on Kitchen Street

At this point, we are just hoping that this kitchen project is completed before Christmas.  We started in April and you would think Murphy himself was the general contractor because it has been somewhat of a disaster.  It started pretty smooth and we thought that going through Home Depot would make it more convenient.  Wrong.  Communication between all of the subcontracted parties has been nonexistent.  The first screw up occurred when we received all of the cabinets only to find out that the guy who had measured the kitchen was three feet off on one wall.  Whoopsy daisy.  I understand a few inches, but three feet?  Really?  We then had to send back some of the cabinets and reorder others.  The woman at the Home Depot had the nerve to call my client (my mama :) ) and ask if she could bring back the cabinets that didn't work because they were pretty backed up.  Shphincter say what?  I wish this was the end of it.  On the first day of cabinet install (a month later) the worker cut his hand and had to end the job.  He didn't lose any limbs or phalanges, which is really all that matters, but he did put a screw right through the wall and into my mom's bedroom.  It's a lovely addition to her artwork.  This is just the start.  There is much much more and I won't go on.  I really hate to rant and rave.  I don't like to post anything negative on my blog because there is too much negative and I don't like to spread poison.  Please note that I am not angry or bitter.  We can laugh about this because in the whole scheme of things, it's really insignificant.  It's quite a story to tell-almost unbelievable at this point- and I am learning so much from all of this.  So anyway.  It's going to be beautiful when it's finished and I wanted to post some during pictures.  Things have since progressed- we now have running water- Great success! So... here she is... in all her topless glory.  (counter-top-less that is)


Stay tuned.  The next episode of A Nightmare on Kitchen Street should be a good one.  Ciao!

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