22 August 2011

DIY: Wallpapered Cabinets

I've never been "afraid" of patterns.  My mom has sewn since I don't remember when and there has always been fabrics full of pattern and color around.  I would cover everything in my home with fabric and wallpaper if my roommate (husband) would allow it.  I love those Waverly ads that have the taxi cabs or newspaper bins covered in colorful fabrics with the caption "In a Waverly world..." 

Unfortunately, most people don't share my affinity for Toile de Juoy or my flare for florals.  So, while I can't decoupage my trash cans (or perhaps I could...?...), I can cover a small part of an otherwise unfun room in a pattern that makes me happy.



The laundry room is far from being done, but wallpapering the cabinets was a quick and easy Saturday job.  I found the wallpaper at a local store and purchased one double roll.  I could've probably used only the samples they gave me, but because this pattern had to be run a certain way, I had to purchase more.  I will use the remaining to wallpaper our Guest Bathroom.  Maybe.  I sort of love this wallpaper and might want to save it for our permanent house.  I digress. 
The paper did not have adhesive on the back so I went to the local hardware store and bought wallpaper paste and a small foam roller.  I removed the cabinets and sanded them a bit to rough them up, giving the adhesive more to work with.  I then cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and let them dry thoroughly.  When dry, I measured and cut the wall paper being sure that I knew top from bottom, so as to not put it on upside down.  I rolled the paste onto the wallpaper and carefull attached it to the cabinets.  Using a tool I purchased at the wallpaper shop, I flattened any kinks or bubbles.  I folded the paper around the edges, cut off extra and waited for it to dry.  It was a very simple process and if you've wallpapered before, it's a breeze.

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