10 September 2011


Just when we thought everything essential was almost complete in the kitchen, another hiccup.  The plumber CAME BACK to my client's (aka mama's) house yesterday to 1) install the sprayer for the faucet because the countertop guys forgot to drill a hole and 2) install the dishwasher because there was no electrical hookup when he came the first time.  The sprayer was installed and he set everything up to install the dishwasher without any problem.  He opened the box the dishwasher came in and Voila!  A huge ripple right down the middle.  It's at a point where I just had to laugh.  We'll have a completed kitchen around Christmas... Maybe.  So in the meantime, I am thinking positive and dreaming about my current favorite FINISHED kitchen.  It is by no means my inspiration for my client's kitchen from hell, but I love it. 
If Hansel and Gretel were a sassy Swedish ex-pat couple with a summer home in Minnesota, this would be it. 
Eat your heart out...

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