24 May 2011

I'm baaack.

The post wedding melancholies have descended upon me and I have decided to finally pay a visit to my long lost friend, The Avarice.  I have been gone so long, I have almost forgotten how this goes and how good it feels.  I am now ready to focus [almost] all of my attention on what I want to be when I grow up.  Did you hear that universe?  I'm ready!  Send those clients my way. 
My wedding weekend was fabulous and beautiful and gone too fast.  In addition to being a perfect celebration of a long-time-comin' union, it was full of little glimpses of what was to come and got me thinking that perhaps the universe had heard my requests and was finally ready for me to come out from under the wedding planning rock and do what makes me happy! 
Two friends mentioned using my "services" after seeing what I'd done with my own home.  It's possible that they were just being nice, but I will choose to think otherwise.  One of these fabulous friends was my wedding photographer, Ashley Brokop, who has become one of my all time favorite people and a truely inspiring creative who is enjoying wonderful success doing what she loves to do- she's inspiring and awesome to be around.  (Check out her blog http://www.ashleybrokop.com/blog/ )  Ashley was a photographer in the military and her husband is still in the service, so when she said she would love for me to come to her house and help her, I immediately thought red, white, and blue.  It sounds cheesy and contrived, I know, but the red, white and blue I pictured was clean and bright and done right.  This is probably not what she is looking for, in fact, it is very likely not, but it was nice to be inspired by something other than wedding goop for a change and it got me searching for some patriotic inspiration, if you will.  When I first started looking I found a lot of Americana-ish style, for instance:

Yuck. Period.  Sorry to offend, but this is not my cup of tea and not what I pictured when I thought red, white, and blue.  Further searching revealed some fresh and lovely options...


Images courtesy Domino Magazine

M Design Interiors

Domino Magazine

ELLE Decor

House Beautiful

ELLE Decor

House Beautiful

via Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Lonny Magazine

Desire to Inspire

Red, white and blue go together like Stabler and Benson.  I dig it and I'm so glad to be back.  I have done quite a bit to our little home and I can't wait to reveal it all in the coming weeks. 
Stay tuned...


  1. I must admit when I saw that first picture, I thought to my self "what is she thinking". Thankfully, we shared the same thoughts on that. The whole wedding weekend was wonderfully put together and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for commencement of your remodeling. Its so refreshing to see that a new mom is making the time and putting in the effort to pursue what she loves to do, as I've seen so many just give up and lean on the idea that it simply isn't possible. You truly have become one of my inspirations.

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  3. You have such a beautiful house... can't wait to see pics!