25 March 2011

A Painted House?

I love me some painted brick and when my mom decided that she was going to have her house painted I was all over it!  She asked me to help pick some colors and my vision was a creamy white with sage shutters and a red door.  The tricky thing about colors is that one person's sage is another's cucumber.  The whole paint job was done in only days and now I am wishing that we would have slowed down, taken a deep breath and followed the steps I always follow when working on a project.  So now that the house is painted and we've decided that, although it looks a million times better, something is still amiss.  Lesson learned, now we gather inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite painted houses in the area.



  1. Where is your Mom's house picture?
    I cannot wait to see the kitchen Whitney and both of you visions put together into one.
    I told your Mom about a house here in Tampa.
    Stucco; painted a golden yellow, key west green shutters and the window panes trimmed in coral....just beautiful!

  2. Just dropping by to see what you and The Avarice are up to and thought I'd say "Hey!" I see that you must be busy being a new mom, but I sure love reading your posts. Even older ones still seem so fresh and new. Any type of whirlwind in my life throws me off and I make an excuse not to post. Ah, well-- what can we do? Life is sometimes too full and too fun to document! At least that's the story I'm sticking to. ; )