10 March 2011

Best Desk'd

There is nothing like a good desk to get the creative juices flowing.  The very computer on which I type sits on a desk that I've had since college and, although this trusty desk has withstood beer spills, many a midterm and numerous relocations,  I see it everyday and think, "Hmph. How could I make you better Mr. Desk?"  I changed the knob and put the idea of a new desk in my back pocket to revisit later, but this new kitchen project has once again got me thinking about a new workspace.  You see, my mom's kitchen reno involves a desk and workspace for her laptop, etc. and we have been scouring the Internet for just the right one that will fit snugly underneath her window.  We were initially going to continue the countertops and just do a drop down with legs bought from Martha Stewart, the same lady who's making the cabinets.  This was the plan until we found out that these stems were going to cost more than $500 big ones.  So, plan B.  A desk that will fit perfectly between the cabinets on either side of the window.  After searching high and low, here are some of my favorites:

Stainless Steel Work Bench, Global Industrial, $397.95
Besta Burs Desk, IKEA, $249

Parsons Desk with Drawer, WestElm, $399

Lucille Writing Desk, Horchow, $2499

Prentice Desk, Jayson Home & Garden, $950

Delano Desk, Target, $119.99

urbn Trestle Desk, ABC Home, $695

Bedford Rectangular Desk Set, Pottery Barn, $699

Quovis Work Table, DesignWithinReach, $1500

Fulton Desk, Crate & Barrel, $799


  1. Oh my gosh Whitney-- I have the Quovis work table. It was my birthday present to myself about five years ago. I get excited just seeing the photo! Rich calls it my gurney! He's not a fan. I use it for wrapping presents, sewing, crafting, you name it. It used to be my desk until I moved that into the kitchen. Now, I'm in the process of redoing my 'work room' and I'm excited to somehow build the room around this.

  2. yummm... you lucky gal, it's one of my favorites. please do share your finished work room project.