13 November 2012

Instagram Lately

Since I was away last week, I thought I would catch you up on the goings on...

I received some wonderful wallpaper and fabric samples from the UK.  I would love to do Lilly's big girl room in that trellis/vine number.

So about six weeks ago, our little man began having some pretty worrisome digestive problems.  It started soon after he was accidentally given a bottle of Lilly's goat milk, but continued for weeks (and still to this day).  I have taken him to several doctors and one allergist and everyone seems to think that it's a dairy and soy allergy so I have cut those completely from my diet.  It hasn't gotten dramatically better, but I haven't seen any blood in his diapers in a while, so that's a plus.  Long story short, I have been doing a lot of research on allergens and food and become even more of a food nut than I already was.  I am a sweets person and one thing I have deeply missed is pancakes.  With a little searching, I found these vegan pancakes on The Post Punk Kitchen and they are out of this world divine.  I substitute almond milk for soy milk and use EarthBalance soy free spread in place of butter.  It's better than the real thing.

I bought this painting from Etsy after putting it on my gallery wall wish list a couple weeks ago.  It came all the way from Israel and it makes me happy.

I WANT THIS BOOK.  It is a collection of amazing weekend guides for select cities in the US and Canada.  

Insert caption here.  

Lilly did this one afternoon while I was cleaning the kitchen.  I thought it was very high concept of her.  Guggenheim here we come.

Okay, so I'm an idiot and thought that the J. Peterman Company was a make believe catalog created by the Seinfeld writers.  When I received it, I thought my graphic designing, prank playing Uncle Doug was behind the whole thing.  Clonk.  Shoulda had a V8.

Miss Lilly recently discovered the wonders of stickers.  I had big plans to frame this beautiful Alphabet Soup of a creation, but she later totally defaced it.  All in a days work.

My horse hooks that came all the way from Portugal.  I was walking around taking an inventory of things that will be coming with us when we move.  Sorry new home owner, these aren't stayin'.

A couple weekends ago, we went to Greenville (SC) to scope out new digs and I snapped this while sitting outside having a bite to eat and admiring the detail of this beautiful building.  We are so looking forward to our move.

This was one of the places we looked- The Lofts of Greenville.  Unfortunately, when you have two kids and need at least three bedrooms, places like this are not generally ideal.  There is no availability for our specifications.  I'm still sad about it.

Have you been to GAP lately?  Ca-yute.

Finally got to rock my Charles Philips.  Tassels, je t'aime.

Aunt Lisa and sweet Taylour sent pink "cow boots" to the little miss.  As if she wasn't sassy enough.

Another adventure in vegan baking- chocolate cupcakes.  They did the trick for me.

Those who love me, hate this sweater.  In the winter, I wear it all the time.  Maybe every day.  It is like wearing a hug.  All day/[week].

I am installing these beauties this weekend and can't wait. 

We bought this wing chair months ago, probably almost a year ago by now.  We are going to recover it, but cannot find just the right fabric.  (I have fabric commitment issues, okay?)  Anyway, this fabric is for a client, but I just love it and think it may be just the thing for my ugly chair.

I've been wanting a pencil skirt for a while and finally snagged this one on sale at J.Crew.  This outfit was actually very cute even though the more I look at this photo, the more awkward it seems.

This console is for the same client that the above fabric is for.  I LOVE this piece.  Even my husband was like "Wow.  That's awesome."  

It's the simple things in life, like beautiful notebooks by Anna Rifle Bond.

Okay, so remember aforementioned pillows in the back of car?  This is where those are going.  Installing this weekend and I'm so excited to reveal!!

Playing with fabrics for my own home.  The new Lee Industries sofa is going to be the stripe in the bottom right.  The others are contenders to go on aforementioned wing chair, pillows and possibly a green and white custom rug inspired by this fabulous green fabric... we shall see.  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @whitneymcgregor 

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  1. I just found your blog through Little Green Notebook (natch!) and I love your voice! You're a great writer on top of being stylish. "Fauvist favorites" had me giggling. Keep up the great work!