29 October 2012


I like beautiful things.  Delete that.  I love beautiful things.  Call me shallow or snobbish, I don't care.  It's how I am wired and there's no turning back now.  Fortunately, I am almost as pragmatic as I am exorbitant.  Almost.  This is quite the contradiction, I know, and it stirs up all sorts of internal disputes.  Mostly because I want things that are ridiculous to want and I recognize all of the other places money could be spent.  I can justify almost anything if I want it bad enough, but there are certain things that I am not sure I will ever bring myself to purchase, even when I can afford them.  Here are a current few of those things...

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one.  Item number one is of maybe three shown here that I would and could absolutely be okay with purchasing despite the price.  Exceptions are always made for fine art, especially when they look like this.  Wowza.  

two.  This is the first I've heard of joailliere Nak Armstrong, but I think this ring is perfection.  There is something marvelous about the contrast created by brushed gold and a rough edge against diamonds and emeralds.  Splendide!

three.  The perfect dresser.  A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.  Just like me.  I want one on each side of the bed to function as his and hers dresser/nightstands.  My husband is always reorganizing my side of our dresser (true story) and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.  A girl needs some privacy.  If my underwear drawer is fair game for his OCD tendencies, then what's next?  My purse? (gasp!)  It's time we each had our own dresser and that's that.

four.  You know what they say, "Once you go silk, you never go back."  No one says that, but ever since I bought my modest silk Aubusson rug at auction, I have been cuckoo over silk rugs.  They feel like a party under my feet and I want more MORE MORE!  What's more, I have been lusting after one of ABC Rug & Home's dyed rugs for eva and this color really gets my motor going.

five.  I recommended these Baker drum stools to a client in May and I have wanted them ever since.  I have no idea how much they are, but they're Baker, so they have to be pricey right? (Someone please prove me wrong)... They sure would look purdy with that pinky peach silk rug.  

six.  I want a Hermes blanket, okay?  Lots of people have them and I got online the other day to price one out because I need a throw for the end of my bed and I thought well, I'm going to spend a few hundo on a cashmere job, so why not spring for the Hermes beauty?  Boy was I naive.  One of these things will set me back a cool $1300.  Really guys?  For a blanket.  I don't know, I just can't get with it.

seven. (To the trade.  Contact me for price and purchasing information)  While perusing some Brunschwig & Fils velvet, I came across this amazing fabric.  I want to walk on it, sit on it, sleep with it, wrap myself in it, but I think for the price I'll be happy to just have a pillow made from it one day.

eight.  Feminine, yet strong.  I am storing these in the back of my head for a future client.  

nine.  I have wanted a Jerome Dreyfuss bag since I lived in France.  This is one of those items that I just may be able to justify one day.  Maybe.  Let's talk this through.  It's roughly a grand for this bag.  One thousand dollars.  For a bag.  Just think about that for a second.  And sadly enough, that's really not that much for a designer bag.  On the other hand, the leather is so soft and supple that it could double as my nightly headrest.  The dual purpose may help me to rationalize this purchase.

What are your current unnecessities?  

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