17 November 2011

Four Design Books to Buy. Now.

the little miss and i generally head to the library at least once a week.  she enjoys seeing the kids and i am always amazed by the selection of art and design books.  after checking out a lot of the interior design and decorating books available, i realized that there isn't anything in them that i can't find on the internet.  there are lots of decorating books chock full of pictures, but few offer valuable words and suggestions.  a good design book inspires original ideas and gives the reader the confidence to take risks.  here are four of my favorites that do that and more.

  1. i just checked this one out and it is fabulous!  it's full of beautiful pictures with explanations that inspire, not to mention PAGES of wonderful diy ideas. both the page and interior stylings are fantastic. i will be purchasing this one asap.
  2. the novogratz are my favorite designing duo.  maybe my favorite designers period.  they have no formal interior design education (like myself) but their anything goes style and uncanny confidence is so invigorating and inspiring.  i actually felt like a more confident decorator after reading this book.  it reminded me not to think too hard.  just do what feels right and don't be afraid.
  3. a classic.  i bought this one when it first came out and it's my go to for when i'm in a rut.  it's great for new and first time "decorators" because it takes you through the process one step at a time.  run, don't walk to pick this one up.
  4. lili diallo is a domino magazine alum and she's my favorite stylist out there.  her ability to genuinely and seamlessly style dissimilar or mismatched objects is unbelievable.  this was another book that reminded me if you decorate with confidence, then anything goes.   


  1. Wow. I just bought Domino's book last week after hedging for two years. It was so inspiring that I bought Design Sponge at Home tonight. I am feeling empowered! And although I love the fem Novagratz, I'm still not convinced that he is actually earning his keep. Still, I would like to see the book. I have learned a lot from their show. And details? I've never heard of it-- so it's great news! Thank you for the inspiration. I am trying to feather my nest on the cheap this winter.
    P.S. I can't see your comments links anymore. I just "moused" around for it. Maybe that's on purpose?

  2. Kim- it's always exciting to to read your comments. I'd never thought that about Mr. Novogratz... makes me think.
    Details? I would give it two big thumbs up. It's a must. Another one I'm reading right now is Deborah Needleman's (founding editor of DOMINO) The Perfectly Imperfect Home. It's pretty great too. It's like a comprehensive encyclopedia of hip things to do with your home. I would get it from the library before you buy.
    Also, thanks for the heads up about the comments. My blog is under construction. It's going to be completely reimagined by the end of December, but I'm trying to make due in the meantime. Keep checking back for my new layout reveal - I want your feedback.
    Thanks for reading, Kim. Take care!!