30 October 2010

Impromptu Fall Foliage Wreath

In my final days before the little bean arrived, I had a sudden urge to do some fall decorating.  I'm not really a fan of seasonal decorations because you have to eventually take them down and it just seems silly, but I have been anxiously awaiting fall for so long that I thought its arrival deserved a celebratory wreath and maybe a few odd pumpkins.  I wasn't about to go spend money on a brightly colored and mostly tacky faux fall wreath at my local hobby shop, so I decided to search the internet for something I could make at home.  I love me some Martha and I was delighted when I found how-to instructions for a Fall Foliage Wreath on MarthaStewart.com.  Unfortunately, my craft arsenal is pretty pathetic and I didn't have Kraft paper, metallic paper, satin ribbon or a wreath form.  Basically I had none of the required materials, so, instead, I made the wreath out of a hanger and some brown paper bags saved from the grocery store.  I bought some ribbon for a couple dollars at Wal-Mart and voila.  It's not nearly as pretty as Martha's, but it looks just fine from the street! 

I followed the exact instructions from MarthaStewart.com, but instead fashioned a wire hanger into a circle and cut the leaves from brown paper bags.

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