30 September 2010

Eight Months To Go...

So this week I received an email titled "8 Months to Go!" from TheKnot.com.  In all of my obsessing and preparing for baby, I had almost completely forgotten about another important upcoming event... our wedding.  Yikes!  And now that I feel as ready as I'll ever be for the little one to arrive, I have once again shifted my attention to wedding details.  Despite the fact that I've already had more than a year to plan, a wedding planner looks like a really good option at this point.  But thanks to my spring planning binge, we have chosen and booked a photographer, a florist and a bakery.  I feel really good about the vendors we've picked, especially our photographer Ashley Brokop.  I am so lucky to have stumbled upon her work and quickly snagged her for our date.  Check out some of her beautiful photographs...

All photos copyright Ashley Brokop. 

Mmm!  I am so excited to finally meet her and see what she does with our wedding.  Her vision is amazing and different for every couple- what a talent! 

We are having the reception at Buck Ridge Plantation in Orangeburg, SC.  I actually won the venue through a promotion on our local FOX station this winter.  I still can't believe it because I've never won anything, but I'm ecstatic- my mom and I visited in the spring and it was just beautiful.  As an added bonus, the chef at Buck Ridge is supposed to be fabulous, which is a huge relief.  Venue, check.  Caterer, check. 

Edisto Manor, the site of our reception, at Buck Ridge Plantation

The next order of business is the all important dress, which I already bought from White on Daniel Island.  I went to White for an Amsale Trunk Show and ended up loving one of store owner and designer Jodi Moylan's one of a kind dresses, which she designed and had made in Barcelona.  I do have a picture, but I am not going to reveal it until the big day.  Jodi was absolutely awesome and White is a fabulous store that I would recommend to anyone.

So, really we're not in bad shape, but I am having trouble organizing the details and narrowing down my vision.  I want something eclectic and vintage, but still elegant, of course.  The venue is kind of country with a definite Southern feeling, so I don't want any of my decorations to compete with that.   Lighting is hugely important and I would LOVE to have lanterns and candles everywhere because the plan is to have the reception outside under a giant tent.

Here is my inspiration board (click to enlarge) with some of my favorite compiled wedding photos from various sources, including TheKnot.com, MarthaStewartWeddings.com, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful and Veranda.  From the collage, you can clearly see the play between rustic and refined, eclectic and elegant.  I love the color range from warm white to powder pink to coral and orange with yellow accents.  I wanted to do different table runners on each of the round reception tables, which would consist of different floral fabrics in my color range either alternated or trimmed with burlap.  Ideally, I would have the tablecloths made from 3 to 5 of my favorite fabrics and all of the runners in burlap, but that could get kind of pricey, so, unfortunately, I have to compromise, which  is not my speciality. 

I'd like to have flower vessels of varying widths and heights on the tables dotted with votive candles, instead of one large arrangement.  I somehow want to incorporate the moss topiaries because I love them and think they help keep all of the pink and whimsy grounded.  I found the birch covered planters, julep cups, moss balls and chalk boards on Save-On-Crafts.com.   

I dream of a dessert table consisting of ivory, pink, and orange sweets.  We will have a three tier cake decorated simply without any fake fondant or wax.  I want to also have cupcakes from a local shop that makes the most mouth watering treats.  I might be very bold and ask my aunt to make some pies or other deserts that I will put on pedestals both short and tall.  The dessert table will be lined with numerous apothecary jars full of candies and chocolates.  I want it to look as if it just descended from sugar heaven, glowing with warm tones and white frosting.  Ahh! My mind is racing faster than my fingers can type.  I need to lay down.

Please leave any wedding ideas or suggestions... I need all the help I can get.


  1. sure is a good thing we walked into that dress shop and I found Ashley Brokop's card... her pictures are just lovely, however I am still trying to figure out why that bride went in a swamp/lake with her dress on? and what did she do for the reception. riskAy.

  2. What a fabulous collage - so exciting and I'm thrilled you chose Ashley! Her work is amazing. Your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    I can't wait to work with you Whitney!