17 May 2010

And then there were three...

It's been a while since I last blogged and much has changed since then. Unfortunately, the house is not one of those things. My computer is on the fritz and therefore uploading pictures is out of the question, but, fortunately, with a baby on the way I have a whole new project to focus on. And in the past couple of months, I have compiled quite a bit of inspiration.

Okay, moving on... the baby!!! The little bean is now 17 weeks and I am due October 22nd and getting so excited. I have been brainstorming about the baby's room and think I want a very bright, light, neutral space that is relaxing and clear. I have convinced my other half to paint the floor white! So excited!! It's a small space, so I think the walls should be something vibrant, but I want it to be soothing... perhaps chocolate brown? We shall see. Of course, I am inspired by all things french so I want to use this pic as a guide for my nursery:

I am trying to be reasonable, but I found these absolutely fabulous brass cribs that I thought would be thousands of dollars, but I found it online for less than $700! How cute is this:

But realistically, I really like the classic Jenny Lind Crib. It's simple, not too cumbersome and it's been around for quite some time. I originally wanted the black, but I'm thinking the white is more practical.

We also found this really cute, kind of nautical one at a store in town called Baby Furniture Plus Kids

Decisions, decisions... Off to the grocery for now. More nursery ideas to come...

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  1. I am still getting seriously inspired by all of your past posts. You are my new favorite 'magazine.' Thanks for continually starting my day off to such a beautiful, peaceful note.